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Home Best Indian Guide | Food, Spirituality, Vedic Astrology, Pawan Sinha Jyotish | Informational website on India and the lifestyle of its people. Tue, 25 Oct 2016 12:11:31 +0530 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb 15 things you must keep in mind before buying your dream car!

15 things to consider before buying a car

Here's a useful checklist drawn by Neha that will go a long way in ensuring that you buy a car that's not just close to what you've been always desiring for, but also, the one that fits well within your budget.

Car buyers can have very different budgets and can be looking for different body type like a sedan or a coupe or a SUV, but irrespective of the segment or brand they may desire, every potential buyer has to consider some basic aspects. The aim of this article is to build upon common ground and come up with a useful mental checklist of things or features to consider while looking for the car thats ideal for you.

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Rangoli designs and patterns


 800px-Rangoli3Rangoli or Kolam are decorative designs made on the floors of living rooms and courtyards and are meant to be sacred. During the Indian festival, Diwali, Rangoli is made using beautiful colors and is considered very auspicious. Rangoli designs can be simple geometric shapes, deity impressions, flower and petal shapes, but they can also become very elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. The base material is usually dry or wet granulated rice or dry flour, to which Sindoor (vermilion), Haldi (turmeric) and other natural colors can be added. Chemical colors are a modern variation.

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Doodle4Google - 13 Finalists from India (2012)- Vote your favorite now!

doodle4google-thumbGoogle's Doodle4Google India 2012 contest that was announced about a month ago, has shortlisted 13 candidates. These 13 finalists are children from different parts of India and the theme on which they were asked to submit their doodles was "Unity in Diversity". The winning Doodle will be featured on the Google India homepage on Children's Day (November 14). People can vote for the doodle they think best represents India's Unity in Diversity till 10th November by logging on to: .

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Mahindra E20 - Another eco-friendly car

Mahindra-Reva-NXR-E20 thumbWith the rising fuel prices, the need of the hour is an eco-friendly vehicle that has absolutely no dependency on any of the non-renewable sources of energy.  Although we had Mahindra's Reva (launched way back in 2001 ) but it wasn't much of a success owing to some issues that limited the appeal of this car like, space and performance and also to some extent its price. However, Mahindra is all set to launch another green car that is believed to be better than the previous Reva by all means. The new car, Reva NXR, will be known as E20 in the market and will have an official launch during Diwali, 2012. Read below to know some interesting facts about Mahindra E20 (Reva NXR) along with pictures. 

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7 Tips to darken your mehndi

mehndi thumbHenna Mehandi has a lot of significance in India and middle-east. It is like a tradition in India, and it is even believed that the women whose mehendi has left a dark color will get immense love from her husband! While there's another school of thought which believes that the darker your mehendi, the more love shall be showered upon you by your mother-in-law!!

Well, perhaps this is the reason why women go crazy to darken their mehendi and try all sorts of things to get the darkest possible color.

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Pre-Bridal Hair Care regime that you must follow


The condition of your hair speaks volumes about your internal equilibrium. Whether you’re taking a balanced diet, suffering from an illness, stressed or happy, all can be easily judged by taking a look at the state of your hair.

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Collection of Jaspal Bhatti's witty one-liners- A tribute to the legend


Jaspal bhatti thumbThere would perhaps be nobody in India born during the 80s who hasn’t grown up watching Jaspal Bhatti’s Ulta Pulta and Flop Show. Undoubtedly, India’s best satirist, Jaspal Bhatti’s death has shocked the entire nation and saddened them beyond measure. As a tribute to the great satirist/comedian/filmmaker, here we have collected some of his priceless witty quotes, tweets and facebook statuses that besides, feeding public with heavy doses of laughter, reflected a great deal on his concern for the society and all the political and social developments of India.

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Klueless 8 - Hints and Clues

klueThe world's biggest online puzzle, Klueless, has come out with its 8th version. The game is believed to be so addictive that you may not be able to work, sleep, or eat over the next few days which may lead to something disastrous like getting fired from your job or something miraculously pleasing like, reduction in body weight !! So, here we advise that you play this crackling game at your own risk :)

UPDATE: Almost everyone who played Klueless on Humindian, has made it to the coveted 'Hall of Fame'! Now, Humindian is also on HOF :)

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Mumbai Cutting Chai

mumbai-cutting-chaiThe Mumbai cutting chai has been famous since ages for satisfying everyone - from the rich to the 'not- so-rich' equally. This form of Indian masala tea, that's made so famous the world-over, can be made so very easily. So, let's not waste any more time and learn the quick recipe to make, Mumbai Cutting Chai...

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Top 10 India's richest people

Mukesh Ambani thumbA drop out of Stanford University and a bachelor of science and engineering from University of Bombay, the 55 year Mukesh Ambani is the ‘world’s richest Indian’. Despite losing $ 4.7 billion in the spat between Reliance Industries and India’s Oil ministry, last year, Mukesh Ambani holds this position by a good margin.

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India to become Roaming-free!!


Call it a politically well-calculated move or an 'image-rebuilding' exercise by the Indian Telecom minister, Kapil Sibbal, the good news is here. Indian mobile subscribers will not have to pay for any roaming charges from next year (2013) onward. This move is a part of National Telecom Policy 2012. 

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