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Welcome to Humindian- a web portal, that aims to be your 'Best Indian Guide' and Unite all Indians across the globe under one roof!

On Humindian, it doesn't matter whether you’re an Indian by birth, or nationality, at HI, any human being who carries INDIA in his heart, is called, ‘Humindian’!Smile


Our objective & mission:

To make Humindian a space on the web, which every Indian can call her home!

Our endeavor is to unite all Indians across the world under one roof, so that together we can share a good laugh, discuss issues that concern us all and finally, help and promote each other at various levels- social, personal and professional.

We also aim to provide best information and tutorials for everything related to India and Humindians. From Food to Travel; from Business to Sports, From Spirituality to Education, Health, Finance, and the entire Indian lifestyle...we'll strive to provide the best and the most accurate information to you here on Humindian. 

Similar to our family system, wherein no matter how much we squabble or criticize each other, we wish to stay united, at HI also, we shall endeavor to maintain such a homely atmosphere ALWAYS!!!

Our mission is to create the feelings of patriotism in every Indian’s heart and we shall strive to solve issues that REALLY matter!!! No, we don’t think wearing Jeans or speaking English, makes us “less Indians”. Humindians believe that it’s how you think and conduct yourself in the society that truly reflects how Indian you are! Love, Compassion, Integrity, Morality and Righteousness are the attributes that any human being must possess to call himself/herself an Indian!

Note: Due to its global reach, the medium of language on HI is English. However, members are free to type in whichever language they feel comfortable in. Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Bhojpuri  koyi bhi language ka prayog karein..... but make sure, doosro ko samajh bhi aa jaaye ki aap kya kehna chah rahe  hain!! SmileSmile