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Klueless 10 - Hints and Clues

The official FB page of Klueless reads, "India's greatest online addiction celebrates a decade of mind bending with a special fan made edition: Klueless TGRS (The Great Role Switcheroo)! Test your wits against some of the creations of Hall of Famers, as it's their turn to play Kluemaster."

The Klueless TGRS was out on 26th September.

The real KLUELESS 10 can be played here: PLAY KLUELESS 10  (You need to register first)

HINTS: (Shall be updated here as soon as we get past the levels)

Level: Just click the hearts!

Level 2: See the source hint. 15 years ago somebody in Indian cricket did a 'perfect 10'. Check the title.. Who? See the URL to know where to put the answer.

Level 3: We went the "Easy" way. Install the app. Add the number. That's it. Status message - a solid hint!


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