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Did you ever manage to find out any look-alike of our very own Akshay Kumar? Ok! Well, maybe a guy in your neighbourhood or your college or probably, your workplace has a bit of a resemblance with this dashing bollywood actor, but the guy we've found out is none other than an extremely talented actor (just like our Akki), who's currently making the whole world go 'ga-ga' with his breathtaking looks, and impeccable acting abilities. We're talking about the BBC's modern 'Sherlock Holmes' - the charming Benedict Cumberbatch!

We don't know whether you'll agree with us or not but our 'eye to detail' has led us to believe that there are many similarities between Akshay and Benedict as far as their facial structure is concerned. Not to mention the 'cupid's bow' that seems prominent in the faces of both. Besides the shape of the lips and the smile, the cheek bone area is similar as well. 

Here's a picture gallery of both Akshay Kumar's and Benedict Cumberbatch's close-ups. WE do definitely think that Akshay Kumar's look-alike in Hollywood in Benedict Cumberbatch. Many people have suggested Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage, but we think they're way off..!! We're leaving you here.. do comment whether you agree with us or not! ;)

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