Friendship's day gives many companies a chance to launch new ad campaigns either to promote a new product or to re-inforce their brand image. Airtel recently launched "Jo mera hai wo tera hai" and Cadbury also has roped in none other than the GoW director- Anurag Kashyap to promote the Rs. 10 pack called "Shots with friends". 

This television was launched on TV on August 1 and since then has been positively reviewed by ad film critics in India. You can watch the ad video here along with the transcript. 

Brand Name: "Shots with Friends" (Cadbury Dairy Milk)

Advertising agency: Oglivy & Mather 

Production House: Curious.

Director: Vivek Kakkad.

Theme: The commercial attempts at capturing the spirit of friendship by showing a group of friends bonding and celebrating with Cadbury Dairy Milk Shots. The Bollywood factor brings some fun and freshness to the already popular "mann mein laddoo phoota" theme. 


Advertisement starts with the camera shot on a bunch of girls sitting in a restaurant.

Anurag Kashyap on phone: Chhabra.... meri baat sun chhabra....yaar film mujhe abhi banaani hai
aur casting hogi teri agle saal...
yaar kitna mushkiil hai ek traditional saanvli ladki dhoonda jiske chin pe til ho

(One of the girls looks excited as she matches the criteiria)
Voice Over: mein laddu phoota???

Anurag Kashyap continues on phone: aur ek modern ladki ...neeli aankho wali jo hamesha apne baal se khelti rehti hai
(Other girl smiles ....)
VO: kyu tuamare mann mein bhi phoota???
Anurag continuing on phone: aur wo judwa behnein... ek lambi ... ek chhoti..
(The twin sisters sitting there, now smile at each other)
VO: Aye haye dono ke mann mein phoota!!!!

Anurag shouts on phone: arrey tujhse nahi hota to ek kaam kar..tu picture bana le main casting kar leta hoon...
(Anurag puts down the phone)
Anurag turns towards the girls now and says: Sorry!
Anurag looking at the girls again ...

VO:barkhodaar tumare mann mein bhi...

VO continues..Naya cadbury shots with friendship pack... ab dosto ke saath kuch meetha ho jaaye..!!