Hello to all my friends on Humindian! This is Rahul, once again, sharing my thoughts on the life in Indian Call Centers or BPOs. Guys, things have now, changed to some extent, but I remember when I was working in a call centre in Gurgaon, some people used to have some weird perceptions about boys and girls working in the call centers. Like, "a girl working in contact centres can't be a good match for their son to marry." Funny..isn't it?

In many such cases, people used to hide the profession of their girls during the process of match making or girls were simply, asked to leave their jobs before the process of match making started in their lives. 

We are defamed because of our international work culture, night shifts and parties. People think that these boys and girls who board these stunning cabs, dressed in branded clothes...are they eally going to an "office"? Especially , Aunties in the neighbourhood are all the more intrested to know 'Where is Mr. Chawla's daughter going every night in the cab?"

In my opinion, sometimes, even the girls are also responsible for this defamation . In most of the companies we are allowed to wear casuals but they start wearing whatever they like, forgetting that they are going to work the entire night like maniacs and not walk the ramp!!! Even guys who are new to this culture, just out of colleges,'Pata Nahin Kahan Kahan Piercing Karwa Ke Aate Hain'

Rest, similar to any other industry, even in the call centers, the office romance, affairs, 'chakkars' and Gall-Baat are in full swing .!!! Now please don't ask me what is the difference between romance and chakkar. Simple, If its with you its a romance , oops eternal romance and if it's with anyone else its a "Chakkar" !!!! Whenever me and my friend Sonika are in the same cab we have a lot of things to share, 'Kiska Chakkar kiske saath , 'Who ditched whom', 'which manager is after which girl' etc. etc .Till the time we don't share all this stuff we don't feel we have met..... Aur Apne apne manager ki MCBC ( Maan Bhen ek ..) karna is our birth right and we shall have it!!!!!

 I will also share my romantic tales in this series !! Surprised," Hadd Hai Yaar Mera Bhi Affair ho Sakta hai ..... but for that, 'thoda intezaar aur sahi..."!!