Hello Humindians,

Rahul is back again!! Adding another "C" to our Cab, Call Center aur Baatein Series, here I bring to you the classic topic of CHAI!!!!!! Chai, a very good friend of mine!! You may call it ‘Tea’ , but  call it 'Chai' because the word tea is so tasteless in itself...forgive me, but that's how I honestly feel!! . Look at the royalty of the word "Chai"... When we say Chai,  half of the intoxication comes from the word itself . It is so connected to us that it works for us like this- ‘Hum Call centre chalate hain , Aur Chai hamein chalati hai’. Wheather hand made or machine made , "Chai" is our life line!!!


It’s 12:20 noon and I have a cup of chai in my hand!  Seriously I can’t write without chai , ‘Mazaa sa nahi aata ‘ . I can stay without my girl friend but not without chai . In our office, (my dear, Call (Kaal) Center), we are not allowed to bring this sweet intoxication to our work stations, so I enjoy it in the pantry or cafeteria . A nice cup of chai keeps you sweet and you keep your customer happy!! 


The so called fashionable and 'advanced girls' don’t drink chai infront of us because their caring mothers say , “ Chai se rang kala ho jayega" but they drink coffee like cappuccino , latte and what not which are worse than chai..... Infact drinking coffe with heavy English accent is the part of their style statement . Best thing is that there is no brand war in chai like Barista , CCD or Costa Coffee .’’ Chai to chai hi hai , bas aane do "....I personally feel, that drinking tea from wending machine when  you have the option for hand made chai is an open insult of our beloved chai . My friend Pooja who comes with me in cab says ,” Hum log to bas International Mazdoor hain , chai peete jayo aur kaam karte  raho’.... Chai is a part of our culture and humindians are genetically attched to chai in such a fashion that any happy or sad moment is useless without chai . The expression on the face of people is worth watching when they say , “Aaj chai wala nahi ayaaa …..” as if its is 2012 and world is going  to meet its end soon...... .

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