Stylish_High_Quality_Call_Center_Headset_thumbHello Humindians!!! Today, in our Cab, Call Center aur Baatein series, I am going to write something about - Promotions!!! Promotions are all the more a topic of attraction in a a call centre or any company . There is something called IJP which abbreviates 'Internal Job Posting' but most of the people in the call center arena, call it as 'Internal Jaan Pehchaaan' or 'How well you know people internally'? Promotion means Paisaa and Position. These two strong P's are in one Big P callled-Promotion..... and a whole lot of things!!

'Pyaaas Sab ko Lagti hai , Gala Sab ka Sookhta hai' ...and same is tha thirst to grow in a call centre , everyone would tell you that consistent performance and hardwork will get you promoted but reality is a little different from these parameters. Yes, you need to be hard working and consistent in your performance. Something that's the most important is ke 'Apni Saas Ko khush Rakhna' , means to keep your boss happy!! :P 'Boss kitna bhi kameeena kyun na ho' ,,He is always right,-'YES BOSS'. Dare you not take pangaaa with your manager. Because after your hard work and dedication he is the person who is going to show it to the world that how well deserved you are for the growth. Interviews are conducted, written tests are given, scores are calculated but like Indian Panchayti elections the winner is predecided. For those who are just hardworking and dedicated for them this IJP is Internal Job posting but for the ones who want to be in the category of predecided winners, it has to be the 'Internal Jaan Pehchaan' .

Trust me people do a a lot of odd things even in multinational companies for this promotion. Although these companies talk a lot about ethics and ther policies but these big companies and their big managers manage all the unethical things very ethically. Although 'Ye Public Hai, Ye Sab janti hai' but still no one can say anything because 'Naukri Sab ko pyaari Hai'. I know we talked too serious today but please enjoy your chai aur baatein to hoti hi rehengi in 'Cab Call Centre Aur Baatein'!!!

By- Rahul- an International Call Center (BPO) employee!

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