A 21 year old boy, working in a call center in Gurgaon. Tall, Simple and stylish. That was me 2-3 years ago. Delhi and NCR were now familiar with me and I was familiar with their ways .The life was regular, boarding cab, coming to the office, working, enjoying and going back to start the same routine next day.

My Ultimate aim was to complete my graduation first. I was in a special financial process in my company. All tall, dusky and beautiful girl, Suhani entered our process (process is a team of people handling a particular kind of work). Suhani, which means pleasant in hindi. And man! That girl was far than just pleasant, she was beyond perfection. It was like love at first sight. I am sure you won’t be surprised when I will tell you that I started singing … pehla nasha pehla khumaar. There were almost 30 people working in the process. Almost all of them either engaged or married or in one way or the other unfit for that girl . Ah! "I was the right person, without least doubt.” From Hello, Hi to Chai in the breaks. From Chai to dinner in our dinner breaks.

Our shifts were fixed 6 pm to 4 am from Monday to Friday. No doubt I used to feel proud in walking by her side. She used to login (Working arrangement in office) next to me and we used to take all the breaks together. I never like those road side shops of Maggi (noodles) where Maggi was sold. But our shifts were fixed 6 pm to 4 am from Monday to Friday. But, Miss special loved that sabzi wali maggi. With her,even started eating Maggi from that dusty roadside where I did not even thought of eating. That’s why they say love makes you see all ugly things as heavenly and beautiful. Outside our office we both used to eat together, I used to escort her to her cab. We both had a mutual friend Nisha, who was senior to us, she started calling her Maggi. Often she used to ask me in our meetings, “Aur Maggi kaise lag rahi hai". And I used to avoid with a smile saying "Wo to aise hi ....". And she knew what was cooking up in my mind and I knew that she was aware of it. Although when I get back home, I used to hold my stomach with ache but I always used to eat maggi. I started liking her. I was simple, innocent. We came closer to each so that she could say to people she has a boyfriend and I could say that I have a girlfriend, just that, just, just that. I got a better offer in an American company based in Banglore, so I moved to a different city . We took positively, I felt some pain while departing but we both tried to act professional. But it was stupid. There was something between both of us, that 'show off' had love in it. But now its late .. 
What happend exactly later, I'll share with you but not now . However, even today, when ever I eat maggi, I often talk to noodle, Wo hoti to aisa hota , Wo hoti to waisa hota.......

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