By Rahul- an Indian BPO employee


A life of a call centre employee is not just confined to a cab and call center. In fact, there is a lot more to that!! I hope you remember your PG (paying Guest) auntie or house owner. These Aunty ji's are very warm and welcoming when you first walk upto them.....Though they are not that bad afterwards as well, as you are paying them a good amount of your hard earned money - (rent every month). BUT, the day they get to hear the rattling sound of the gate and the banging of the utensils in the wee hours of the morning, things start changing a bit!.....

And as soon as these "sounds" become a regular event of the early mornings, it forces them to finally, come up with questions like, "Tumhare office Mein Day shift nahi hoti?" "Tumhare Saath Raat ko ladkiyaan Bhi Kaam Karti hain"? Sometimes you feel as if you're doing something totally out of this world, and in the heart of your hearts, you bang your head only to smile back and reply- “nahi aunty, par company achhi hai”. It's hard to explain the whole corporate culture to our dear Aunty ji!


We sleep during the day and work at nights. She would certainly ask "Tum Sote Kab Ho"? ...inspite of the fact that whole colony knows that you remain hibernated in the room during the whole day.
Don't forget the special style of auntie ji of reminding you about the monthly rent on every first of the month, "Beta Mehnagayee itni badh gayee hai, Bill dena hai, tere uncle ki dawai bhi lani thi, tumhari salary bhi aane wali hogi, pyaaaz hi itne mehnge ho gaye hain ke pucho mat ". And you are alarmed that 'boss-it's time to pay your monthly rent'!!! No doubt, she would ask you for a cup of tea sometimes or occasionally, would send 'hot and fresh' lunch in your room but, not to forget, all this comes with a price!!! You know, she's also a veeryyy good alarm of Do's and Don'ts!!! Dare you look at a girl in the neighborhood, you have to face the pangs of a special 'dare u do' look. The question of inviting any female colleague or friend of yours to your room can never even exist!!! Even by mistake, if she hears you talking on the phone to a girl, she would not forget to ask,"Beta Saath mein kaam karti hai ya cousin thi " ....  Bhale jisse baat kar raha hun won na sune, But auntie ji would have a sheer interest in my conversation.'

Our Auntie Ji is a very important part of the lives of all of us working in a call center and staying in a rented or PG accommodation. A little irritating, a little bearable, sometimes sweet and a perfect mixture of all kinds of people you can meet once you are in a different city. Ah! Yes...I forgot to mention that in case, you think of changing room or leaving your PG, She would surely come up and say, "Beta Agar jana huaa to ek mahina pehla batana", but the same would not apply, if the Aunty ji feel like having the room vacant! "Please, you need to vacant the room, inke cousin mausa ji ke bête ka beta aa raha hai bahar se, hume room chahiye hoga beta, aap please kuch aur intezam kar lo, bura mat manna, mujhe to tum log bahut hi ache lagte the." And, you can’t do anything except to smile on her face and bang the door at their back. Anyways, all said and done, Auntie plays an important role in the complete picture of an Indian call centre boy or girl. I will share something different in the next talk of Cab, Call Centre Aur Baatein....Till then Bye enjoy with auntie ji! :D