Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers used to be conventional careers in India since the education evolved in this part of the subcontinent. These professionals were given the highest salaries and respect in the society as well. But Can everyone be one of these?
Answer is a big "NO" !!

But what about the modern times, still there are families who exactly want their children to be one of these. And sometimes, they force them to be in these fields and sometimes, we ourselves do this mistake by ignoring our interests. I do not blame parents and students but the Education System of our country to a larger extent. Indian Education system tells us to score marks by whatever means, I want to ask you all a question here! You must have seen the exams pattern, there are questions which are mostly related to "Define" , "Explain" and "Describe" . We are never tested on innovation front but on answering the concepts as it is written in the book. But you pass out from the college , marks are given importance for sure but what a good company looks for, is the ability to apply those concepts you learned in the college time because weather you score 90% or 70% , they are going to give you training for the job you need to perform.

Coming back to the " Dream is Collapsing" phrase, It simply mean that most of us are not pursuing our dream career, reason could be anything , Family, Lack of resources, Lack of awareness and lack of positive thinking. According to a survey, I read a long time ago , 80% of people in India are in a wrong profession or doing job which does not even suit their educational qualification. I still see students who are going for the conventional careers but in modern times, there are so many things like career counseling and psychometric tests which can help you identifying yourself and your desired career.

I myself wanted to be an Animator, I had a great interest in it. I am not sure if I would be successful in animations or not but this "IF" will remain an "IF" because now it's too late to shift my career to a completely new field. This does not discourage me from doing animations ,  maybe I will not take it as a career but as an interest.
But during these 3-4 years of job I have realized that pursuing your interest as a profession ahead is a DREAM COME TRUE. I am happy with my current profession but adjusting with your career is not the way because its a thing which makes your life ahead a good one or bad one.

Sometimes unconventional career are more successful than conventional careers but this requires a lot of self belief and family support as well. I urge all the youngsters on HumIndian to identify their interest and follow them as a profession to be a successful and satisfied professionals in their lives. Do get an idea with the help of career counseling when you are on verge you choosing a career. It will benefit a lot and this " Dream is Collapsing" will no more exist.

God bless you all !! :)