Watching news since yesterday, everywhere its about FUEL HIKE .
Well its not for the first time that the prices have been increased and logically, the prices are bound to increase with the increase in demand and consumption and the depletion of resources. 

Indian government pays subsidies to control the prices but there is a limit and the government also, can't do much beyond a certain point. 

So when it's clear that it's not in even the control of the government, then why do we think so much about it? Instead, we should concentrate our time and efforts on something that "can be" controlled, but unfortunately, never been worked upon...

People still cry over fuel hikes but they won't switch off their engines at the traffic lights, shorter distances are still covered by wasting fuel that too showing off the status quotient.

Why is it always the government? Why can't we ever, being the citizens of India, take the "responsibility"? In my opinion, we are capable and literate enough to understand the value of saving fuel for coming generations.

Even in my colony, some people from very short distances use cars to visit Gurudwara jamming the street as a bonus. They want to show off their assets in the name of religious visits. Even more amusing is the fact that some people use vehicles to buy vegetable from nearby vendors!! Can't we switch over to bicycles? Why not? A fun bicycle ride not only goes a long way in saving the precious petrol albeit money, but also, offers a great opportunity to be healthy and at the same time, saving our environment!! 

Fuel hikes will always affect other things as well, but that is another issue all together. We have to be concerned citizens first which sadly, we're not upto the mark.

Petrol and diesel will keep on hiking but saving hikes will be much more profitable and intelligent thing to do.

There was a car pool scheme being started in Delhi a few months back in which you could earn points by car pooling and helping save fuel but due to lack of interest , it was a flop show!! I know public transport is in bad shape everywhere excluding some metros but here I am concentrating on basic saving methods which will help a bit atleast.

Save fuel people..hikes will come in future and crying over is not a solution but just an excuse to over shadow the saving. Take this "hike in petrol prices" - a blessing in disguise..It's a great opportunity to alter our lifestyles... :)