Do you know today is Army Day!! Yes, Today is the 63rd Anniversary of the Indian Army. Actually, on15th January of every year, India celebrates the 'Army Day' to pay tribute to Lieutenant General (later Field Marshal)-K. M. Cariappa, who in 1948, became the first Indian Commander-in-Chief by taking over this position from Sancis Butcher- the last British Commander in India.


In India, the Army Day is celebrated in the form of parades and various different kinds of army shows in not just the national Capital-Delhi but also, all the other 6 Army Command Headquarters. Army Day marks a day to salute the valiant soldiers who sacrificied their lives to protect our country and the people living in it. Army played equally important role as the other freedom fighters in instilling democratization in India.


According to History, General Kodandera Madappa Cariappa shared a good bonding with both native Indian soldiers and Britishers and then succeeded General Roy Butcher of British Army to become the first Indian Commander in Chief of the democratic India.

Today is the 63rd anniversary of the Indian Army!! Let's wish a very happy Army Day to the Indian Army who fights fights adversities on borders as well as with natural calamities in our country. The Army works with true dedication and spirit of the motto ‘fight to win’!! Happy Indian Army Day!