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Are you ready to spoil your coming weeks playing the most addictive game in the universe, named, Klueless? Caution: The game is so addictive that you may not be able to work, sleep, and eat over the next few days which may lead to something disastrous like you being fired from your job or something pleasing like, sudden reduction in body weight owing to lack of sleep and food.!! So, are you ready to challenge your mind, body and soul?



 If you've really made up your mind, then here's a good news. Klueless 7 is just going to be launched on 11.11.11 i.e. 11th November 2011 at sharp 11:11 am. So, pull up your socks and gear up to conquer the levels!!!

If you're new to the Klueless world, then here's a quick info: Till 2009, Klueless was known as Iris. It first made an entry into the web world in 2005 and rest is history! If you're still wondering what Klueless is then it's time to reveal what it is and what it can be. 

Klueless is an online game hosted during the event 'Ahvan' hosted by IIM Indore. The game is a sequence of puzzles, with multiple levels. Each level consists of a logical riddle and is to be solved to advance to the next level. The 2008 edition of Klueless received more than 4 million hits from 88 countries!!!!
Klueless 7 has begun! Click the link below to  play klueless 7 now
Launching on 11.11.11 at 11:11 am
You can post comment here in case, you need any hints to crack Klueless..We're playing this too...! Lets play together...
Note: Hints will be posted in the comments section!
Hints of Level 1 to 10:
Level 1: Just click on the right card.
Level 2: One end of the spectrum is ultraviolet..which is the other one? Just put the answer in the url ;)
Level 3: Kind of misleading level. But nothing to do with cubes and algorithms. Just stare in the center-most color, and reverse it. 
Level 4: Seach this image on google images using reverse method. You'll come to know which television series, this poster is from. There's also a song associated with a creature, shown in the picture itself. What's the creature, just fill the word in the right place...
Level 5: Google all the names mentioned in the text, you'll get the name of a famous movie. That's the answer. 
Level 6: Google the source code, you'll get the decrypted sentence. The answer is composed of two words. Another hint: placeholder text in the websites...
Level 7: On 11.11.11, in India, a movie released that belongs to a 'deadly famous' character that has 24 titles around the world.
Level 8: Download the image on ur computer, and zoom it to see it clearly. L has replaced a letter in most of the words here. Once you get the name of the game, just replace the L's in it by the letter that has been replaced by L in the text. Name of the game... do u really wanna think over it? ;)
Level 9: You just basically need the value of Y, which u'll get by summing all the parts. Once you get it, write it in roman numerals. 
Levle 10: There's a connection among these three stars. It's a number. Now relate that number with the 4th image. You basically, need the 4th star.