klueThe world's biggest online puzzle, Klueless, has come out with its 8th version. The game is believed to be so addictive that you may not be able to work, sleep, or eat over the next few days which may lead to something disastrous like getting fired from your job or something miraculously pleasing like, reduction in body weight !! So, here we advise that you play this crackling game at your own risk :)

UPDATE: Almost everyone who played Klueless on Humindian, has made it to the coveted 'Hall of Fame'! Now, Humindian is also on HOF :) http://ahvan.in/ahvan/ahvan12/klueless8/k8eg.asp

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For Hints, Clues and spoilers, keep viewing this page for we'll post the hints as soon as we get them. You can post your hints and queries in the comment section below. 

So, let's play the game together!!!


1. Click on the ball at the center. 

2. What is "Unknown"? Think of it. A God, perhaps. Now think of the God related to the planet referred in the 'url' and put the answer in the 'url'. 

3. All the images shown signify something individually. Even if you get 2 or 3 of them right and google them 'together'. You will get the answer. (Very famous game played at clubs)

4. Reverse search the image. This is a famous fictional character. You have to find out the professional partner of this man. (Just like, John Watson to Sherlock Holmes). 

5. If you search this image, you'll get your first clue. Something about the wolf family and the fact, probably, that they also follow the 'class system'. Now, look at the source code. "Helots".. Who were the helots in 'Sparta'? What was their rank? Now relate this rank to the wolf family. And that is the answer !!

 6. Google the two images. We need to know the capital cities of the countries represented by them. Google them together and get the answer. Another hint: Answer is just ONE word. 

7. Google the images together. Three will do. Avoid using their full names. You will definitely find a connection. SOLID HINT: The answer is a LAST NAME. 

8. First search "Le Petit Caporal" in google. It's the nickname of a famous emperor. Now source code  clue will give you an idea that this level has got to do something with 'pigs' or animals in general. Google, animal and Napoleon, you will get something. SOLID HINT : It's the name of a book. 

9. Who is the most popular Krusader/Crusader? There's a movie related to him. Find its creator/director. :)

10: The two guys are related to music. Something to do with "music" and the "sound" of it. SOLID HINT: Name of an actress. 

11. This level is quite tricky. See the image carefully. It is related with mathematics. Something to do with chance!! If you'll put any wrong answers in the answer bar, it'll take you to the previous level. You might think your answer is wrong or you need to break any kind of loop. Well, basically, the phenomenon that is occuring is not following any 'fixed order'. What is the opposite of fixed or patterned? Just find that word and take the clue from the title "backwards". Do this with the word and put it in the answer bar. Now in the next page, view the source code and you just got to click something there!!

12. Save the image on your computer. Straighten it and crop it a bit. Then do the image serach on google. You will see that it is related to a certain kind of blindness. You just need its abbreviation and think in binary/bytes. SOLID HINT: Answer is a number. 

13: There's a hyperlink in the picture. Click on that. Google that phrase. Will tell you about a famous accident. You need to find particular "when" part of the person who became the victim of this accident. The official "when" time. SOLID HINT(Read only if you're really feeling frustrated right now): You need to find the official death time of this person. 

14: All the images are expressions..or 'emoting' something. You need to find the letters associated with each of these expressions. (Take the help of Skype if you want to find out which letter is used to form which emoticon). Once you get the first line letters.. just rearrange them to form a word. Then use the 2nd line just as it is. Put in both the words as the answer. 

15. Many red herrings there including the mysterious man behind the fire! :P All we can say is just don't think much. This level is not layered at all. You need to have some good observational skills. The fire has hidden 4 letters that form a word meaning a traditional unit of volume.

16. Google the image name, the vegetable seen in the image and "barrel roll" all together and the first wiki link is your First major hint. Find this character's first damsel in distress. (The name)

17. Something happens to this clock at '2 minutes to midnight'. Search this phrase in google to reach the conclusion that it's a special type of clock. Read on wiki about this clock and then refer to the other clue given by the clock which is 11:51. Search the wiki article of this special clock keeping 11.51 in mind to find the location of certain scientific tests in a particular year. That place's coordinates is the answer. Coordinates of which direction? Check the source code clue. 

18. Ur seeing the WRONG colors there. Google the team names and find out what their Jersey colors actually are. Nothing to do with football here. Now think when does a person see a wrong color? Probably when something is wrong with his/her eyes. Which is that disease? You'll get it's official name by the name of 'the chemist'. 

19. From the source hint.. we get, SPELL and Bee. Googling reveals something called Spelling Bee. Read about it and it's "yearly" activities. Now look at the title of the page. One award name is missing. A popular one. You need to find out all those years where movies won all major five awards(the missing awards). These are just three in number. Find the years when the movis got those awards and relate them with the Spelling Bee yearly thing. You will see that the first two 'words' are already shown in the image. You need to find the next one.. that is the third one! 

20. This level has actually 6 sublevels. You can open the doors to level 20a, 20c, and 20e by clicking on the bottle caps one by one. You either have to solve 20a and 20b OR 20c and 20d OR 20e and 20f. So, in case you've figured out a and c, you don't need to solve 'e'. You can now proceed to solving 'b' OR 'd'!! 

For 20 a: Google, "hand" (given in the title), name of the cartoon character given in the image, image name, and DC comics in google. You'll most probably find the name of a deadly DC comic character. Google the name of this "deadly man" along with the Title hint (hand). You'll reach another term that's related to a game of cards. Wiki it and find the 'right' NAME! Remember name matters!

For 20 b: (Submitted by Kamz):  

Identify all the three Super heroes in the image (at least two of them should be obvious) ,observe a commonality between them (hint :page url) .Now as per the source hint, there is one more super hero who share the same commonality with the ones mentioned above and uses sword.Find a very famous Japanese word related to warriors and search it in Google with a word (describes normal humans with unusual abilities). You will definitely find the name of the Superhero which is the required answer.

For 20 c: The graph tells you that something remained constant (at 9) till 2006 but changed to 8 afterwards. The title hint tells you that you've got to find something out from Level 2 which was related to planets. You'll most probably get to the concerned planet's name by now. Now the source hint tells you to find the alternate name to it. Remember, there are other creatures also named after planets' names!!

We've reached 20 d: This will be good for us to reach level 21 for now. We'll update the post as soon as we get the answers/hints to b, e, f as well, although they're not required anymore :)

20 d: Reverse search the two images separately. The left one is a musical instrument and it's name is an alternate name of the obvious name of the instrument.  The image name.. Tear is rate.. tear is the anagram of rate.. So, we get the hint that we'll have to probably anagram the final words. The image on the right, when you google it, you'll find that it is the name of a movie. Then there's U also lurking there between the two images.. Now you have to combine the instrument name, the U and the movie name and anagram it to get the name of another musical instrument. Searching this in google will reveal a famous song by a famous singer. Read about that song and you'll get the answer. 

20 e. (Submitted by Vaibhav) : The source code points to something. Google it literally with the number mentioned and you will have a list of seven. The answer is one of them.

20 f. Read the source code to get a clue about the kind of cypher needed to be applied to the final answer. The answer is related to a book about the man shown in the right. SOLID HINT: Answer comprises three words, with a name and when you cipher them, in the last word, replace 'w' with another letter. Which letter? Keep trying! 

21: Nothing related to Angry birds game. Don't focus on the question marks either. Read the source code, that's a big hint. You need to first find the position of the birds (given in the bottom row) in the top row. Like, where's the first red one in the bottom row is positioned in the row above and so on..note these numbers down in hexadecimal system, and then convert the entire number to decimal system. That will be ur answer.  Note: It is related to the day K8 was launched ;)

22. Google the coordinates properly. The place that you'll find is the name of another famous thing related to the music world. People associated with it created something that led to a conspiracy. What's that conspiracy?

23: What is seven in this world? Related to a world event. Where's it going to be next?

24: The flag refers to a dynasty. Read about it and that gives you the 'concerned' country's name as well as one of the 'forms of government'. Yes that country is not the one referred to by the source code. The source code and the ballot image tells you a process of 'electing' country heads. Relate that with the 'concerned' country, and google it. You'll find out something that has no connection to elections at all. It's a creative piece of work written by two people. You need to find the name of either of them. 

25: Something bad happened on the date mentioned in the source code. Somebody wrote a song on that. Find that artiste's name and one of his songs containing a name. Relate it with the image name. SOLID HINT: Answer is a Name

26: Be ready with a calculator. This level requires some calculations. First look at the image closely. The third and fourth symbols clearly represent some planets. Relate planets with 'url' clue. You'll immediately find a connection between planets and metals. Now, convert the given volume unit into another unit that's given in the image name. And keep multiplying the figure with the 'numerical identity' of the elements and adding them all up(hint: from page title). You will eventually reach a figure that will take you to your answer (It's a thing, the description of which is given in the source code! )

27: Search the image name. Find out who is and how he's related to a sports team. Then take the first name of the man in the image into consideration and apply the same relation. (The title hint will also helpyou here). Now look at the source code. Talks about "never taking off". Who never took off and why wouldn't he? Some accident or something. Google about the info along with one of teams' name. 

28. Combine the most important word of the page title and url word. Google them. U will get a very important name. Source code hint: These are years. 1905, 1919 etc. Google these 4 years along with info that you got using that name. YOu will find something common in all these years (related to the most powerful nation in the world and their heads). Now you must be wondering what are the three images and the question marks there. What you have to do is that connect the first name of the people in the image with the info about those country heads. The answer is a first name.

29. All the images are from the famous song videos. Google them, you'll get those songs. Now open all the songs' lyrics. The numbers written on the images are a code that you need to use to get one word each from all these songs. Together, they all will form a string.. another song's name. Now use the same code (take a clue from image name.. 19.1) and get the name of a popular world figure. Connect the source code hint and the url word (repartee) with this person's name.. google them all together to find the answer. Keep trying for the answer. You may not get it in the one go! (SOLID HINT: Related to a famous debate)

30. HINT provided by Arnab in the comments below:

"Find the syndrome which the current champion (think football and England) suffered. Not a common one. Search the first pic literal name+the syndrome+the bike model.. and you will get a very familiar word, once you see the word, you know it will be the answer :D"

31: First get the clue from the image. Oneoftwo...that means there are two of them. And the name of the 2nd image is almost the same as the first with an obvious change. Change url with appropriate extension to get the 2nd image. Decode what you see here using a cipher related to shifting dates. The date? See the url of the initial page and connect it with the lady shown in the pic. Now put the decoded word in the url of the 2nd image, the extension clue will be given by the background (red ribbon type image). Download whatever you get ahead on your computer, ZOOM it well, and answer a simple question. 

32. Find the missing country of a specific continent. The level is related to a sports event. 

33. Need to find an image (See the source code- thinkmap area). Then a 'doc'ument. Document can be found by changing the url. Then there's some addition of numbers involved (numbers in two particular mathematical series.. please see comments for more details). The answer is a number. 

34: Google comet44 carefully. U'll get the name of an important cipher. Source code gives you that you need to 'tinyurl' something. Title tells you an important number related to past. The text below tv, decipher it, put it in the url to get a video which gives an important clue. Once you reach here, just try a few names or see the comment section to get the answer. 

35. Please read the comment section. I got here by chance, mostly. Basically, all these are movie personalities who are related to movies with numerical names. Adding the two of out of these six, will total to another movie name (with a numerical name). Find the name of the person related to this movie. (Title page "lion" hint will give you the name/movie of just one person, so don't relate all the movies with these awards)

36. You don't necessarily need to know 'how to play Scrabble' to clear this level but you should definitely know about the "Scrabble letter distributions" (Wiki to open a chart). It'll help you immensely. Now look at the scrabble board carefully, rearrange the letters given to form a word (the name of a famous mathematical series). From the title, you get the clue that the score of the letters need to be 20. How many letters and which all letters you need to reach that score will be given to you by that mathematical series. From the image name, you'll get the clue that the answer is related to 'steal' (or 'stolen' actually)

37 . (Submitted by Penathal Suresh): Get the doc file using the extension change, Fill them (pick the oddity in the formatting) in a Sudoku grid table, use the colored lines in the game page to pick numbers for Y, R and G. Answer - Number with Spaces.  Update: Just realized that 37 is the most generous level. It can accept answer (with spaces) in both number form as well as words. :)

38. (Submitted by Penathal Suresh) : Plot the numbers in an Excel file, Charting Skills will show you a number like a date. On that Date, Something connected to coin  happened on google. Find that, thats the answer.
39. (Submitted by Vaibhav): Get the gif image (by changing the url of an image given) and save it. Open as windows live gallery (Or use a software called, Gif splitter), you will get 12 images. The four quadrants in each image with four different coloured dots signify four different words with the co-ordinates of the dot giving the letter. Decode the dots using source code hint (something similar but simpler than morse code) to get four sets of letters. Unscramble them to get four words. Google the four words to get the answer, which is finally two words.  
Thanks :)  

Thanks a lot to everyone who played Klueless 8 here and helped so many people. Special thanks to Vaibhav (He was there since the start), Desibaba, Arnab, Penathal Suresh, Rajatha, Asgard, Garfield, Niloy, Anonymous, FIFA superstars and a few more people (don't remember all names..sorry if I missed out anyone) for being there till the end!! :) 

UPDATE: Almost everyone who played Klueless on Humindian, has made it to the coveted 'Hall of Fame'! Now, Humindian is also on HOF :) http://ahvan.in/ahvan/ahvan12/klueless8/k8eg.asp

Hope anyone who comes here makes it to the HOF !! Thanks and All the best!! :)

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Note: The game's official launch is at 26th October 2012 at 8:08 PM. Klueless is an online game hosted during the event 'Ahvan' hosted by IIM Indore. The game is a sequence of puzzles, with multiple levels. Each level consists of a logical riddle and is to be solved to advance to the next level. The 2008 edition of Klueless received more than 4 million hits from 88 countries!!!!