Klueless 7 - Indore, IndiaThe world's biggest online puzzle, Klueless, is just about to come out with its 9th version. The game is believed to be so addictive that you may not be able to work, sleep, or eat over the next few days!

And that might may lead to something disastrous like getting fired from your job or something miraculously pleasing like, reduction in body weight !! So, here we advise that you play this crackling game at your own risk :)


K9 TEASER ROUND is here: http://klueless.in/klueless/klueless9teaser/default.asp

Almost everyone who played Klueless 8 on Humindian last year, had made it to the coveted 'Hall of Fame'! Humindian is also on HOF :) http://ahvan.in/ahvan/ahvan12/klueless8/k8eg.asp

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<<Klueless 8 Hints and clues here >>

For Hints, Clues and spoilers, keep viewing this page for we'll post the hints as soon as we get them. You can post your hints and queries in the comment section below. 

So, let's play the game together!!!


Level 1: Click the obvious "version". 

Level 2: There's a word in the wiki page of the type of this type of coin. Hope you know where to put the answer to get then nxt level. If confused, ask in the comments section!

Level 3 (b): Install the given app on your mobile. You'll find a famous game. (a part of the name's game is given in the url as well. One of the "missing" levels of the game is answer. 

Level 4: See the source code and get the name of the famous American TV series. From the given image, you can see these are the images of pets. Find one of the pet associated with this series. 

Level 5: All the images relate to food items. Reverse search the last image only and you will get the name of the latest version of a very recent technology. It's upcoming version is the last image. And now relate that version's name with the "image name" and title hint.

Level 6: 4 weapons. One Master. Related to Ninja turtles master. 

Level 7: Search the images in "pairs". google them. The image name suggests something related to race/running. Source code hint suggests, addiction which is generally related to games. Even a wild guess would lead you to the answer. 

Level 8: Find National index number of pokemons given here in the image. keep noting them somewhere. You'll find they are arranged in a famous series. Find the last number of the series and pokemon associated with it.

Level 9: Again related to a famous TV series which Klueless team seems to be die hard fan of. Image name suggests "cipher". Convert numbers to alphabets using a cipher (very basic). See what you get. Title hint suggests what you need to put as an answer. 

Level 10: Change the url extension. (Hint: title). Get the file. The password is related to a "potion". Changing the image url to the "image name" will give you a clear idea as to what this potion is related to. As soon as you open the file, the hints will easily lead you to the answer. (A person's name). 

Level 11: The pictures point to "evolution". Go to the beginning of time. What is it called. The image name will suggest a famous TV character of a famous TV serial. Now just find out who coined that term!! (Forget the TV serial now!). 

Level 12: The source code hint suggests a game. (kick). The pictures lead to countries. The url CAMIFS_ suggests famous nations as hosts of that game. One big nation is missing. Put that as an answer in the format suggested in the url. 

Level 13: The two images represent two important dates in history. Write the image name in that format. Check wiki to see what officially opened on that date and get "floored". Solid hint: answer is a NUMBER

Level 14: Identify the country corresponding to Surat. The movie with the same name has a scene where animals escape from C*****l P**k Z**. Use its inception year and connect to an indian context. (Just focus on the "park")

 Level 15: Please don't waste your time deciphering anything. Look at the background of picture. It seems like a game ground. Now look at the title.  It points to the name (nickname) of a famous player of this game. He formed something. That is the answer!

Level 16: Source code suggests its some animal name that will get you through. Google the title hint and the url word which will lead you to a famous TV game show. Find the animals involved. Each animal will get you to a different level. 16 a or b or c. We solved 16 b. Googling the three images in 16 b leads you to a name of something related with the original tv show. then some googling and wikiing will get you to a 'two word' answer. 

Level 17: "Trace the letters" until you get a meaningful word. Search that word with the number given in the title. You'll get another 4 digit number and that is the answer. 

Level 18: Search the two images. The upper image points to a TV programme. Forget the show, just use the general term (original). Now Title hint, url hint point to a famous mafia war of some families in the city mentioned in the source code. Find their bosses' names initials and arrange them in alphabetical order to form an acronym. 

Level 19: Google had "scribbled" on the date mentioned in the source code. It's about a famous author and the answer is his famous work! (Answer is single word). 

Level 20: Google the url hint. It will lead you to a name of something that "choo choos". Source code hint also points that thing related to transportation. Now just find out where would be that thing at the time given in the pic. It's a city name. One of the easiest levels so far!

Level 21: The image name says "who"! So, it's clear answer is some person's name. The picture suggests sports clubs. The title relates to Champions league. Pair the clubs and search along with source code hint. You basically have to find out someone who has played in two of the three given matches.  

 Level 22: The football ground image gives a particular formation (343). Googling first image leads to a season name. Along with it is the play button. Season+play=popular music band name. That band's song (related with 343 ; use a decimel somewhere in this figure) has its 29th line (source code hint) which gives clue to the final answer - another song (song name: a light which you can't see??). The vocals of this song were sung by a famous personality. His name is the answer. 

Level 23: Too lazy to type all that now. See the comments below. Will update in the morning :) First arrive at the value of X by doing simple addition of letters (sigma). Don't pay attention to alpha beta gamma much. Its related to independence day  of a place, stadium, king!

Level 24: See the source code to get the "page 1" of the notebook. (An image). Keep turning the pages by changing the url. The initial letters of all the gang characters form a product (think chemistry!) which is the answer.

Level 25: There are 10 football clubs that you have to find using the directions and coordinates given in the pic. The answer is the first name of a player who played for all these 10 clubs. (Solid hint: Even if you find one Brazilian club and try out one of its 'noted players', you will get through ;) )

Level 26: Don't wiki or google the images given. Just look at them and see what they generally imply. Like, light, wind etc. This level is related with science/scientist and a movie about him. The date given in title hint will lead you to an important 'testing' done which will give you the name of the scientist. 

Level 27: Google all the names given. They feature together in a movie. That movie was the beginning of a saga. The answer is a place it all ended. (Another hint: look at your fingers..are you wearing something?)

Levele 28. Do the hardwork. google all the places (memorials). Title hint: "March"...Find the military time zones of those places. There's a letter that represents each military zone. Find those letters (take care of +/-). Form words out of them. Google and get the answer. 

Level 29: Image name is in a language other than english. It's the first part. To find the 2nd part(image), change the url in the same language. Decipher this code using a cipher which can be obtained by rearranging the words given in the source code. (Anagram of source code). Use an online decoder for this purpose. Even if you get the first line, google it along with url hint. You'lll get the name of a famous cartoon strip. Now use the title page hint along with the comic name and get that another word putting which in the answer bar will change the url and source code hint. Then just googling these two hints along with the cartoon strip name will lead you to another word which is the answer. (Wiki will help here)

Level 30: url suggests.. British.. a famous British TV series named after "doctor". Find the ninth doctor (actor). One of his movies' heroine name is the answer. Look at  the title again n again to find out the movie. 

Lvl 31: The first image will give you the name of a movie. Its actor's name is also associated with a famous number associated in entertainment industry. There's another such number associated with mathematician. Combined together, you have to find these numbers for two persons given in the pic. One is the writer (google  "the man falling" + clock) and the other is an actress, you wil get her name from the last image. Add up their numbers and write the answer in text format. 

Level 32: Source code points to Dante. There's another Dante as well. Find words from the grid. Two will do and search it along with Dante which will lead to a TV series. Find its chapter five. 

Level 33: Tricky level! You have to visit a different website, where we usually 'pin'. See the image name to get there. The four images there point to cricket and B****** Grid. The level image points to WC final 2011. The last (4th) image's colors also confirm the ICC WC final 2011. Now you have to find "dot balls" in particular 'overs' (shown in 4th image) bowled to get 24 letters that will form a few words. Final answer is related to a song and a famous moment in cricket history in the last 'century'. 

Level 34: The title hint suggests a standard emergency signal. Go back to find which "Code" this signal originated from. Type down the numbers and letters given in the page on a certain pad (use the source code hint) converting them into that code. Now see the url hint: dashing. Focus only on dashing on that pad. You will see a shape which is a logo of something very famous! And that's the answer.

Level 35: Find the connection between numbers given in left, center and right oval. Translate the title hint in 'Shuddh Hindi' to get the name of a player these figures are related to. Just remember, the dates given are not dates actually. Write them down without using zero (eg. January: 1 not '01'). Google these figures along with the numbers in the left and that player. You will find that these are the 'aggregates' when a particular milestone was achieved. Apply the same logic to the image given at the bottom, and get another aggregate. 

Level 36: I don't know chess. But I know greek alphabets and how to write them in English. You have to 'trace the shape' to get that letter. 

Level 37: Write these greek letters as Latin/English alphabets. The sticks represent a number. Putting together the word formed using those alphabets along with the number will lead you to an episode of a famous TV show. Find a word related to the general theme of that episode. (Ch....) and that was another TV show. The image on the right related to 'spinoff'. Find the spinoff of "Ch....". (Another TV show - "F.....r"). Now apply the source code hint and addup all the episodes in which the lead characters friends from the original show appear. (Forget the ex-wife and make sure you write down the episode "numbers" in the standard format before adding.) 

Level 38: Send the email to (original)This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your first major hint. Add up all the numbers that you can read from those 'lines' to get your first number. Then find the 2nd number by adding up the chapter numbers of the books from which those three different lines have been taken. Get the x:y format. Find a book volume and the chapter number. The name of that chapter will lead you to an image. Go back and relate the chapter name with the url word. final answer: A game! 

Cheers ;)

Monita Sharma

Managing Editor 


(An online magazine on Punjabi film industry) 


Level 1: Just "Click"

Level 2: Search the title hint. You'll get the name of a famous American TV series. Reverse the images seperately. You'll see all these relate to "Gods". There's one God missing. Find it. 

Level 3: Related to trolls. It's one of the troll (meme which is red). [Remember 'Red' is also related to anger.]

Level 4: Convert the time given in the clock in 24 hour format. You'll get a famous year of "independence". Write the date of independence of the country given. Just the date. 

Level 5: There was an "unlucky guy" who became a victim of one of Edison's "experiments". Find him! No, not Tesla. Read about the third person in that book by "Jill". 

Level 6. Download the first file. "Play it". What kind of music is that? "S******". Get the second file by changing the url. The 'second' file name is same as the first file's with the obvious change. Download and play it. What kind of music is that? Do you get "scared" or "horrified"? Google the two obvious words from both the files which will lead to a German movie name. Now go to the famous movie database website. Find the movie's "address" "(only numbers) which is the answer!


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