klueKlueless is an online game hosted during the event 'Ahvan' hosted by IIM Indore. The game is a sequence of puzzles, with multiple levels. Each level consists of a logical riddle and is to be solved to advance to the next level. Klueless 8 is launching on 26th October 2012 at 8:08 pm. 

Here's a link to play the Klueless 8.

Play Klueless 8 here

The hints and clues for Klueless 8 will be available here: 

Hints and Clues of Klueless 8

So, let's play the game together!

 About Klueless Teaser Round

Weeks before it's official launch, the Klueless team had rolled out a teaser round to give the players the 'feel' of it!!

If you want to play that too, here's the link:  

Klueless 8 Teaser Round to explore the maze...! All the best!!  

Hints for Klueless Teaser Round:

  1. Just click at the right place.
  2. You just 'like'd their facebook page. Now change the url with this latest activity of yours. 
  3. This is the trickiest level. Look at the mathematical equation above in the title. It shows a mathematical equation using a 'complex' number. Then look at the image; reverse search this image using google. You'll finally reach a point where you'll be left with 'psychoanalysis' and complex if you go the right way. Relate the two words and try your answer. 
  4. Again you need to reverse search this image. You will get the answer easily. Note: It's a single word.
  5. Think of the bird in this image. You'll get the answer (related to America)
  6. Just google the place that the monopoly board points to and think of the fact, that 'nobody wants to be in a jail". The answer is a NAME. 

Alternate answer for Level 4 (Read only if you want to really know it! We're disclosing it coz Klueless 8 is launching tomorrow. So, the focus is going to shift there soon :) Let's get done with teaser round! )