I can be your hero  baby.... when Enrique cries this out  it really amuses me. Not to hear him but the choice of  his words here.

What it actually takes to be a hero....hhmm... kicking the villain and smashing his allies hard and then  living happy ever after with the heroine or fighting with angry-old would-be father in law and eloping with his daughter. Or there are many other instances where our filmy heroes prove themselves. But that was  the filmy hero. But i sternly believe, that in our everyday's life we have to go through certain  challenges  that make us and our life none less than a heroic tale. Raising your  eyebrows ? well no need to ..  recall the time when you first time proposed to your girl .mmm..dry throat ..  words falling as if playing the game rearrange the jumble words and  a little wavering . Smiling? and remember the time when you fought with yourself going through that break up controlling tears hard into you and  avoiding yourself from crushing into pieces.  Doesn't sound good enough? The  first day survival at college or in the school .. getting signed that messy report card that was bleeding and  the red color reflecting in eyes of your dad ? Well I believe all these are challenges that could make even Shahrukh and Aamir shiver a little if its brought on to them. But it’s not about them it’s about us.  I think  we are not less than heroes facing the challenges in the real sense and also have to deal with them on real time basis and  not scripted by someone else... So when we are facing such big issues and with miniature of worry, I believe we are the best and belief in yourself is something  that can change the attitude as to how you look at yourself and how others judge you. And remember a challenge is given to someone who is competent enough to face it,  not to a timid who  runs from it.  So bring  the best out of best in you and keep it rocking not just going .

Believe in yourself that you have it in you what it takes to defeat any odd and if  something or someone  stops you from  being extreme then show them what you have  got  and convince what you in actual can be. But do remember  charity begins at home so ... no one else can  help you but till the time you don’t believe in yourself. And don't be scared  of challenges ... it’s there to make it what we call a life. And u see how the above things make us smile... same would be after some days when you would have conquered that deal and you would be smiling altogether for the fear that it produced and of course at your victory.  So whenever in  doubt I think just trust your heart  and take one little step that it needs to be in the game . And don’t befool yourself that heart can be stupid even being rational can’t help  you all the time.  And who knows by taking tiny steps you  may win the game . But to win its important to be in the game. So next time when something stops  you be sure you have enough reasons to give them to keep  their mouths shut and doubts packed.  It’s not always good to  hold the horses let them be loose sometimes then  only you can measure how long the track is not by standing still.  So , Kya aaap Apne Favourite, favourite Ho ?