While going through my Facebook account today, I somehow, went back to my 90's days...!! I remembered how when a new landline phone was introduced to me at my home, I was so afraid to say "Hello" to anyone on the line. I was given training as to how to converse on phone by my grandpa and Mom.

Well this article is not about landline phones but the difference between then and now!


When the means of communication limited and not so affordable…! Just a single call from our loved ones would make us smile and excited. We used to plan things in advance like summer vacations with cousins and get-togethers with friends over our 'good-old' landline phone.
If you had a landline phone during that time, you were considered rich and lucky because getting landline connections in those times was no less than an achievement.

But times have changed drastically now. Mobiles have taken over Landlines. Facebook and Orkut are the new social networking things.

But dont you miss those times?

I certainly do. I am not against Facebook or Mobiles but now we don’t have time to call someone on a birthday even but we have time to comment on his/her wall, and chat in comments just to increase the
number of likes and all that stuff. It’s not about socialising anymore.
It’s something else which I am not able to describe in words. Maybe it’s like a status thing. If you are not on Facebook or any other networking site, you are not happening etc.

We used to keep memories of our snaps in an album and now that has been changed to Online Albums so that people can comment and compare your style quotient.

photo-albumHere, the moot question to ask ourselves is that though we have more than hundred friends in our facebook account, but how many of them are there in your real life?

We share feelings with complete strangers which once, we used to share with our loved ones!!! Everything comes with some good things and bad ones, but in the process of keeping pace with modern times we forget our old times and activities which at one point of time, we loved and cherished.

We worry about updating our status messages everyday and forget about friends and circle of people around us. These social networking sites have surely made communication a click of a mouse away, but what about the real thing?
It’s a virtual world and now we’re getting used to sharing ourselves, our lives, with other virtual beings in this virtual world…
It is rightly said that anything in excess is bad. I think this social networking phenomenon is going to suffer the same fate. Try to find some time outside Facebook also. It’s surely going to make us feel better
and remind us of our old days when technology was limited and relationships were valued…..!!

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