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Metro Diary

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)- India can be proud of this great achievement in the recent past. It’s a world class facility at affordable fare, taking you through the city in a short time with air conditioned coaches in underground as well as elevated tracks.  And this metro is gonna increase its network across Delhi connecting every corner of the city. Not just the metro ride but you can also enjoy  the metro museum, it has all the information regarding metro services and some artistic models to explain the working to a common man. Metro stations also house your favourite hangout places like Mcdonalds, Café coffee day and many more. However, a system that provides so many facilities is bound to have some complexities that can easily become a reason for worry.


Recently there has been accidents in metro premises simply, because we -"The People" are not behaving like metro city people. It's very strange that most of the users in metro are well educated people (Students, employees and even higher class people) and still these kind of things are happening on regular basis. Few days ago two persons suffered badly enough to hate the metro service whole of their life and unfortunately it was their first visit to metro.

People often blame metro officials for these accidents but there should be some responsibility associated with us too. I have seen people pushing each other like animals even worse than animals; younger people don’t even bother about senior citizens and don’t offer seats to them ,some people don’t cooperate with security staff ( Why do they forget that its about there safety only?) .These things make metro a painful experience.

Its high time that we start behaving as common wealth games are approaching and this type of sick behaviour will only mark a bad image for the city and above all OUR INDIA.

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