Blog by our member, Daman, who talks about the "jobless" situation in Punjab..How the youth has to move away from home to kickstart their career...! Read and express your views..

Sunday is the most precious day for private job holders like me. Sleep till late and relax watching some movie and all that stuff. But this Sunday was some what different, I was going through my Facebook and met a friend after a long time. I asked about his job and stuff and was shocked to know that He was in Mumbai. I mean c'mon ...I asked him again if he was serious?

And he definitely, was! Suddenly my mind went back to the college days.

I was wondering that all the guys especially from the inner parts of Punjab were working away from home (Punjab). Reason? Not for the exposure or something but how Punjab has failed miserably to create quality job opportunities for its youth.


Yes, there are numerous colleges in Punjab offering higher education, all sorts of Engineering and Medical colleges, but that is not sufficient enough. The main problem is that there are no quality jobs when student passes out of the college and the situation is almost worse for the average students. 

So, what's the result of this scenario? Not hard to guess...Yes, youth moving away.. towards the metros, like, Delhi, Bangalore and even southern parts of India to kickstart their careers. I know a friend who is working in Sikkim due to lack of opportunities here in Punjab.

Well, everybody loves to work in his home state so that in the evening he/she can go back home and spend some quality time with the family.

The government has done nothing in this regard except some areas like, Chandigarh and Mohali. Unfortunately everyone can not get a job in there also.

Its a gloomy situation out there in Punjab and it should be worked upon quickly otherwise its gonna be very late.

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