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Call it a politically well-calculated move or the 'image-rebuilding' exercise by the Indian Telecom minister, Kapil Sibbal, the good news is here. Indian mobile subscribers will not have to pay for any roaming charges from next year (2013) onward. This move is a part of National Telecom Policy 2012. 


At present, India is divided into 23 Service Areas comprising 19 Telecom Circle Service Areas and 4 Metro Service Areas for providing Cellular Mobile service. In the present scenario, if one leaves one's circle (home network) and moves to another one, one has to pay for the incoming calls one is receiving. These are called roaming charges. However, according to the government, from next year onward, these charges will be removed.

This present move by the government is cited by many as a well calculated political move by the government as the next General Elections (2014) are round the corner. Tell us what do you think? Do you think this announcement is done in the wake of upcoming elections or to dispel the public criticism surrounding the rising diesel and LPG prices? Feel free to post your views in the comment section.