Missed 3 Lohri in a row, so I was really excited to be home this time around . Little bit I knew that this would be the most irritating and entertaining journey of my life till date.

Missed 3 Lohri in a row, so I was really excited to be home this time around . Little bit I knew that this would be the most irritating and entertaining journey of my life till date.

So I bunked office half day using some usual excuses :P and reached Sabzi Mandi station (Delhi), I wonder why they call it Sabzi Mandi nowdays specially when onions reaching high sky prices and I don’t see any sabzi selling mandi around that station. 

I got the ticket till Ambala and patiently waited for the train which was not on time as usual.. ;)...Well it was a general class ticket and sometimes it is fun travelling in general class , not always though.

Didn't rush for the seat and didn't get at all but was lucky enough to get one shortly. Coach was filled with random songs, people chatting about various things and garbage filled surroundings of Delhi , not to talk about the condition of coach. I never figure out one thing about travelling Indians - Why cant they keep the government property clean ? Except Metro because rules are very strict there but it's not rules some times , it's about being a good citizen of Great Country .

Anyways I reached Ambala slowly but surely and it was a task getting out of the general coach. Now the real story starts actually.. Ambala to Ludhiana...

There are private buses running from Ambala to Ludhiana and I got one . Video Coach buses with good Sunny Deol movies... but this time I got something else to watch. As soon as the bus started , some Punjabi Video songs started playing on the screen. I really had nothing to do so decided to give it a try and watched one or two songs. After watching one or two songs, I could not figured it  out that what were they trying to show, Punjabi culture or some sleazy dance girls with overweight built .

Some songs were so pathetic as they were just concentrating on the models dressed almost indecently if we follow our culture. Horrible lyrics , idiotic locations and most of all pathetic singers and unwatchable videos and too my shock leading channels were telecasting these songs though it was recorded but I could see the channel logo. Well at that time , I was thinking that Why do we Proud to be Punjabis because Music is identity of Punjab and that was being thrown away by these videos . Recently there had been great improvement in the Punjabi Movies so why cant we do it in the music making . Modernisation in the name of obscenity is not the way . Well this was about the music but the real shocker came after almost 70kms when I reached Khanna. 

Some young boys in their teen boarded the bus. They were normal in the beginning but as soon as the outskirts of Khanna started one of the guy opened the window and as it is January time , lot of passengers were not comfortable. One of them asked him to close the window but he was under the influence of alcohol and started abusing him. Imagine the young guys of Punjab abusing their elders  and that too for their fault , though he was overpowered by one of the gentleman when he abused them more than they could imagine. Fortunately there were no girls or ladies at that time. The list does not end here , when I observed carefully, the driver of the bus was also drunk as he was over speeding way to much and treating the bus like he was playing a racing game on his playstation. That was really horrible putting so many lives at stake just because you are drunk and you can do what ever you want to. To my surprise no one was complaining  because most of the passengers including young one were also drunk so they were also enjoying this thrilling ride . I saw some religiously dressed people at the back of the bus who were getting impatient as Ludhiana was nearing by. I could not figure it out at first but at last they started fighting with conductor because they were promised to be dropped at some stand which was never on the route of the bus. They threatened the conductor and abused him like anything , I seriously never heard such abusive words before specially from such personalities .

 One of the co passenger told me “Aaj babe ne vi lagayi lagdi hai islayi ladayiyaan karda firda hai "

This was really shocking and funny at the same time. Well the fight resulted in nothing and they were dropped on the way . I was just 5-6 kms away and I had a blast during this journey but had one question in my mind .


I have grown up here and I have seen the lovely culture here but in modern times it has changed very badly and I have no idea how to get it back but this needs serious thinking because


And thought of going back to my place excites me but seeing all this makes me think again!