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Do you really wanna see the photo of India taken on a Diwali night? Well, here we're posting one, but we don't know whether it's real or fake. Take a look at this Picture, and decide for yourself. According to many internet sources and social media posts, YES, it is the image of India on a diwali night taken from a satellite. But here's a revelation by According to this website, 

"This image is a composite showing the change in illumination over India from 1992-2003. Satellite data from 2003 is coloured red, 1998 is coloured green and 1992 is blue. The three data sets are composited to form the image. Nighttime lights on the map that are white are lights that were present throughout the entire period. Areas that are marked by red have only appeared in 2003. Areas coloured green and blue were only present in 1998 and 1992 respectively but are no longer visible. This image was created by the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, USA."

indian satellitediwali-night-image

Perhpas, the image showing a brightly lit India in different colours made it more believable as a Diwali night satellite image and that is the reason, many people are immediately believing in the theory that this is India's image on a diwali night. Diwali being the festival of lights when much of the country is brightly and colourfully illuminated and fireworks light up the moonless sky.

But the fact is the image put up by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Geophysical Data Centre has nothing to do with Diwali, the festival of lights.

Now it's entirely upto u what you conclude after viewing this image...