In the search of the ONE, people spend their lives. The one who will make you happy, change all that lay before and bring a new meaning to life......In this blog, Humindian author, Vibhav shares his idea about 'the perfect soulmate'. Does 'the one' really exist?

In this world- riddled with freedom and choices- where do we stand on the perfect soul mate issue? The thought that somewhere out there one can find the whole complete package in one person, howsoever ridiculous sounding it may be, has indeed flashed acrossed the minds of thousands of people. Stories of people who have been together for almost all their lives are not a rarity. In such situation, one does get tempted to say that they found the "one " and then like fairytales they lived happily ever after. Well, the world is no castle of Disney, things certainly are different and the “ever after” can be a huge misnomer. People may stay together because of variety of reasons some of which are not even remotely close to love. In either case they are together, so in generalising things altogether when does one get the one?


A soul mate is supposed to be something complimentary, something supplementary and something purgatory. Someone who fills the gaps for you enhances the attributes and removes the obstacles. Combine this with a perfect love life and voila!!! You got the one.  No, this cannot be true. Like all things in world, this has to stand the most difficult test ever, the test of time. For time changes everything, creeps into all and disintegrates everything (well almost, human hair is not disintegrable so go ahead marry a wig). Now since the decision lies in future what can we do about it? Is happiness in marriage/commitment purely a matter of chance? Is it as easy as someone getting lucky in a game of cards and someone not?


Is it that only the lucky find love? Find their soul mates? For I know that the worldly attributes like beauty, money and personality can never be taken as a surety of finding love. Tonnes of examples to the support, can all of it be attributed to pure luck? Or fate depending on where you lie on that idea.  Ever long lasting monogamous committed love does look a bit dull and drowsy but is the ultimate find? For when the beauty fades and money is of no use will it be the only thing blessed by the fountain of youth itself?
Me plagued by inexperience can neither ratify nor reject the concept, though a part of me does indeed wish to be on the winning side in this weird gamble. For from what seems to be, cards are all that we have, the loot belongs to the one with the best set. All we can do is to wait, to see if that was indeed a blessing from serendipity………


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