Written by: Pragya Singh


Life as a game…

Why ..?? I got stuck to the same,

Let’s play the life as a game.


Hey come on give a back kick to your sorrow,

Enjoy every moment who knows what'll happen tomorrow

What happened if this time you couldn’t beat

Give one more chance but please don’t cheat.


Someday you'll definitely hit the goal,

The day w’ll bring immense pleasure to your soul.

Target is far and pace is slow,

If I win the race my fate will glow.


Success may be gradual as the sun rises

After achieving, life will be full of surprises

Hindrance obstacles and path may  not be  clear,

Have to make an outcome after a strong back gear


It’s a race

you have to chase …

either quit,

or make a hit.

Quitting w’ll be coward,

so, better to move forward.

Failure is not an end,

winning or losing is mixed n blend.

Both are transient, keep in brain.

Nothing's permanent like the rain.

A single success is not that hard,

but tough to maintain, requires the job of a guard.