Between work one does think,
of the way so far tread;
because eons go away in a blink,
and you never know when you're dead.
The spirit jovial ever effervescent,
sometimes does feel sorrow;
and some nights before sleep says,
I dont want to see another tomorrow.

Laurels of success snubbed in face,
how can man keep green ivy at bay?
Ablutions done to remove all trace,
but asks the spirit, "is it all away"?

As one gives up and picks up the knell,
Something deep in mind does play;
Makes a move for first time to tell,
I am hope, yours for the day.

A bright light from a star small,
Valour expected from a coward never ;
This is what we want all,
A miracle to last for ever.

Purple robed spirit in the wind sways,
something to look upto always;
What does a poet so long says?
After all hope is God and here to stay.