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I won't blink my eyes,
As I can never miss.
The scene is just for me,
And stop your that and this.
The silence is speaking,
And no need of words.
These splitting dark clouds,
Are like millions of herds.
Be there for me,
Don't you go away from my sight.
Just You and me,
And the beautiful night.

This moment is so special,
And I can't afford to spare.
The riches of you,
That actually I get so rare.
Away from the world ,
Away from light .
Far away from bloody might .
Just You and me ,
And the beautiful night .

Now , Allow me to look ,
Into your eyes .
Make me forget the world ,
All the lows and highs .
Just give an ear to this dampy air ,
It's singing a melodious song .
I 'm blessed with your love ,
And it can never be wrong .
And if still loving you is wrong ,
I never wanna be right .
Just You and me ,
And the beautiful night .