Airtel's latest ad-campaign - 'Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' has though made the entire youth segment in India go crazy over the catchy song, but that instead of bringing down the spirits of their prime rivals- Vodafone- has inspired them to do something even more whacky, and something that touches the youth right where it matters the most! Yes, going beyond the world of friendships, vodafone has targeted the most frequently visited social networking arena on the web- The Facebook! This move actually, comes to promote their latest Facebook Phone- Vodafone 555 blue. Not surprisingly, people have already started humming- 'He's alwaysssssssssss on facebook'!!



A woman in Cali, Colombia,- 'Ana Julia Torres' saved an African Lion - 'Jupiter'-from abuse, and the Lion "thanked" her with KISSES and HUGS!!! Torres had been nursing a diseased Jupiter (the Lion) in animal shelter in Cali and also saved it from getting abused by rescuing him out of a Circus.ยท

 A wonderful way of storytelling through the medium of facebook. Watch it and Enjoy! :)

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Courtesy: Youtube and Facebook, of course!