Airtel's latest ad-campaign - 'Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' has though made the entire youth segment in India go crazy over the catchy song, but that instead of bringing down the spirits of their prime rivals- Vodafone- has inspired them to do something even more whacky, and something that touches the youth right where it matters the most! Yes, going beyond the world of friendships, vodafone has targeted the most frequently visited social networking arena on the web- The Facebook! This move actually, comes to promote their latest Facebook Phone- Vodafone 555 blue. Not surprisingly, people have already started humming- 'He's alwaysssssssssss on facebook'!!




"He's always on Facebook"- is the latest advertisement/song by Vodafone that has started navigating all the TV channels informing the viewers that Vodafone caters to all your needs of 'Happy Facebook-ing'. The song is in English, with superb lyrics and a gripping video. Check it out... :) 


This two-minute commercial is created by Ogilvy and Mather and targets facebook users.

Vodafone blue - He's always on facebook lyrics

I wake up in the morning,
Turn off my alarm,
I put on my boots,
And take a walk on the farm.
So I'm checking on my carrots and my strawberries[grow]
When a person I don't even know,
Threw a sheep at me[baaaah] ,
Well I tried to be modest,
But look at my popularity,
So many friend requests
[Add me...Add me...Add me]
I posted a cute picture of me
When I was small.
And half the world has wrote 'LOL' on my wall.
[refresh...refr esh...refresh.. .refresh]
Pay don't respects, I am the don.
And I control this town,
Anyone who get in my way,
goes 6 feet underground.
I am checking out my ex-girlfriend's boyfriend,
He looks really fake.
I'm going through her photos,
And I poke him by mistake, NO.
[refresh...refr esh]
Look what's coming on my notifications
Awww...Whyare all my friends,
Away on exotic vacation.
I am your new friend, Lad.
"Join the club, Dad"
He's always on facebook.
Update my profile pics.
He's always on facebook.
Its a great place to make friends.
He's always on facebook.
Day and night.
He's always on facebook.
I comment, share, blog.
He's always on facebook.
I'm always on facebook
Where else would I be.

About Vodafone Blue 555 Phone:

The phone has a dedicated Facebook button that would connect the user to the biggest social network on the planet, Facebook.

The phone will also ask your Facebook login credentials when you boot the phone for the first time. Which means, you will be able to use the phone only if you have a Facebook account. The integration is too deep into the software architecture that would keep you connected to Facebook Always. The phone is expected to come with a price tag of about Rs. 5000, which is around $110.


Here’s the configuration that’s expected from the phone:

  • 2.4″ QVGA display with 320×240 px
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • IMAP and POP 3 email support
  • EDGE / GPRS Support
  • Upto 32GB memory capacity via microSD slot
  • FM radio
  • 3.5 MM stereo jack 

And why's Vodafone targeting only the Facebook users?


 A quick look at the numbers tells you why.

  • There were 88 mn active internet users in India in 2010.
  •  Indian population on Facebook is approx 22.24 mn (9 March 2011).
  •  Every fourth internet user in India has an account on Facebook.
  • That’s who Vodafone is targeting – the segment that makes up 25% of the internet users in India, who are ‘always on Facebook’.