k5686691Ever faced a job or competitive exam interview, with questions being fired at you, the moment you adjusted yourself in the seat? And the kind of questions that you would've expected only in your worst of nighmares...For example, what is the sea-route from India to England?? Or in which year did Vasco de Gama touch the Indian soil? Or what were those three words that Archimedes uttered when he discovered the buoyancy principle in his bathroom??


Well, well, well…..scared? Don’t be, because the good news is that it is quite easy to handle such situations...Yes…but only if you know the real purpose of the interviewer behind asking such questions to you. First, remember that such questions are not necessarily meant to check your general knowledge. They are in fact, asked just to see how you perform when all of a sudden, a problem strikes you right in your face. Do you get shaken or remain stoic? What's your mind's first reaction when confronting such an unexpectd situation?

So, the key is to remain confident and honest and not to sound nervous or confused. If you even a little doubt of your reply being wrong, it's better handle the situation tactfully, rather than blurting out a wrong answer.  As an example, if you don’t know the exact year when Vasco De Gama came to India then instead of saying 1497 or 1499 just say that he reached here, just at the close of fifteenth century or if you don’t even have a slightest idea then politely admit it by saying “sorry sir/ma’am, I don’t have any idea about it, but I am glad that our conversation today, has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn something new. I shall definitely find it out.”

 So, don’t be scared anymore, and be bold, honest and confident of yourself and your preparation. All the best!!