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Treating Insomnia naturally- the Indian Way!

Milk_glass-treatment-insomniaAyurveda- the ancient Indian medical science, provides a lot of simple home remedies to cure Insomnia- a sleep disorder causing deprivation of sleep. Learn how to get rid of Insomnia- the Indian way! 



  • Drink 3/4 cup of milk before going to bed. For better results, you may add 1 tablespoon honey in it. 
  • Soak 3-4 munakkas (dried grapes, similar to "kishmish" but comparitively larger in size) in half glass of milk an hour before sleeping. Then take this 'munakka milk' 10 minutes before you're heading to sleep. This remedy doesn't just treat insomnia but also, checks constipation. 
  • Dip your feet in a bowl of lukewarm water for about 10 minutes before sleeping. Or, simply wash your feet thoroughly. This remedy also helps a lot in improving concentration. 
  • Juice of two oranges mixed with lukewarm water and honey is also a very good way to treat mild insomnia. 
  • Mash a ripe banana. Sprinkle, roasted cumin(jeera) powder over it and eat it 5 minutes before going to bed.

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