Somebody classically remarked- "There's no bad food, may be you a having a bad diet...!!!"

Today I wish to share my idea of a perfect well-balanced and nutritious diet and that too, full of variety and options. But first, it's imperative to understand the difference between Food and Diet- often, the most misunderstood terms when it comes to the topic of health and nutrition.·Food is what you "eat"- and what you "eat" nutritious is what comprises your diet!

 The concept of a diet based on variety, balance and moderation seems to be simply impractical.... Isn't it??


Food or our wardrobe or the songs' playlist, we crave for variety everywhere! Our Mother Nature has provided us a big portfolio of products keeping in mind our nutrition requirements. Even though we tend to select the best food to eat, still food choices are not always good.  I would like to put this as the following statement - “All the nutrition comes from food but all the food is not nutritious.”


If I ask you what is the meaning of Balance, I am sure you will answer it. But do you comply to your answer, when it comes to your food? Now thats a tough one. Smile 

Although we all are aware of balance, we still are unable to balance a relatively unhealthy food with a healthy one. Yes, I mean to say that you can easily plan for a Pizza and fries if you take this in between two healthy meals, that is a healthy breakfast & dinner. Even your calorie count will not be disturbed if you learn this Art of Balance. That is simply what I call a careful choice of two meals so as to eat anything in the third meal while maintaining the calories, keeping fat under control and having all the daily required nutrition for yourself.

But, Can you eat this way? You must be kidding... this is what you must be thinking about my above statement. It's usual that a food lover would look forward to eat almost similar kind of food all the times. You see there are no other visible choices for food lovers.


The term Moderation applies to those who know when and what to eat. That is, if you know when to cut those extras like fats, salt, sweets and alcohol. I know a friend of mine who can carry a packet of cookies with her and will eat only one cookie just to taste it. But for maximum people this concept of eating a moderate diet is beyond their imagination. How is it possible to eat just a single piece of chocolate when you are proud owner of a full pack of chocolates?? Rather you will prefer not to buy it and avoid the temptation... Am I correct?

So the life is a blend of both Bad Foods and Bad Diets. And all of us have a list of what is good for our health and what's bad. Sometimes we just ignore the list and love to eat even the unhealthy food, this choice is completely our own and this adds to a bad diet.

Eat Healthy is the mantra...

It's easier said than done though. Still I would say that we all should strive to eat as healthy as possible. As an example, if we eat 7 different color fruits and vegetables (raw) every day we can remain healthy. Right amount of lean proteins, healthy fats, “good” carbohydrates, fiber, herbs and ample water will help provide all the nutrition your body requires.

I understand that it's difficult to hold back your temptation... specially in this party season. So party hard but learn the Art of Balance and Moderation. Still if required.....I am here :)

NishiWritten by Nishi Vig. She is a Wellness Consultant, you may consult her @ +91 9988894322 or follow her at her Facebook Profile.