New Year's around the corner, so the party time has almost begun! This is usuallly· the time, when most of you, will suddenly look into the mirror and take your figure (read, health) very seriously. Specially when your favorite Party Dress would seem as if borrowed from someone who's a·bit slimmer than you....!· True..isn't it?

Well, It's usual for me to receive calls from people by mid of December when party invitations are in hand. In panic, most of them wonder what to do. Besides, there are other occasions also like a wedding, Diwali, a farewell or an official meeting – when almost everyone asks- "How quickly can I lose these extra kilos?"

The answer is not very simple, you see. Everyone's weight differs, so do their calorie intake and calorie usage. All this makes a huge difference while maintaining your body weight. A heavier person after cutting usual calorie intake will usually lose more weight in a couple of weeks than a smaller person will.

So it depends on calories only?

Yes. You've got to balance your calories intake and usage. That is -BURN more calories than you take in for a certain period of time. You will notice that the bigger the gap between the two, the faster you'll lose weight. Approximately half a kilo represents about 3500 stored calories. So in order to lose 1 Kg in a week you will have to burn 1000 calories every day for one week. You may eat 1000 calories lesser than what your body needs or you may burn up extra 1000 calories by exercising. This effort will help you reduce 1 kg!!!

What works?

1. Cut the stored calories and Exercise : However, You run the risk of cutting back too far if you simply cut the calories. Moreover you will be left with little energy to exercise. Restricted Calories make it harder to meet nutrient needs.

2. Rely on Exercise : But, it is time consuming!! for example an hour of swimming helps to burn 500 calories.

3. Nutritious Food : This is easy! Focus on nutritious low calorie food like Raw Vegetables, Fruits, lean proteins like fish, egg whites, fat-free dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese, milk and protein powders.

4. Daily protein requirement : Include 1 gram protein per kg body weight in daily diet.

5. Cut Grains : You may cut grains for a couple of weeks as carbohydrates, required to give energy for exercising, will be available from fruits and vegetables. Thereafter, you may add one meal of healthy whole grains.

The key is Calorie Count. For those who can not count the daily calories intake and usage I strongly recommend the meal replacements – like a healthy protein shake prepared as per specific receipe –twice a day, with a third healthy meal. In between, you may take some fruits and vegetables for snacks. This avoids the confusion of calorie counting and results are more realistic and easy to accomplish!


Nishi Vig is a Wellness Consultant for Herbalife. Know her more at +919988894322

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