Winters!!!! Wear clothes in layers and clothes and more clothes all the time to keep us warm and well..... What do you think? Is that enough?

Well, according to me, there's a lot more to that...This article will explain to you which all food we must eat to stay away from all those winter aches & pains....

Hope you agree, when I say that we all are full of energy as the sun rises and our bodies tend to slow down around sun set. That's the reason, why we go to sleep.....right??? Similar to this daily cycle, seasons also have an effect on our bodies' operations. For example, in summers our bodies become dehydrated but our Mother Nature fulfills our body's requirement by providing a lot of fruits and vegetables which are watery.

However, in winters our body builds, repairs and renews itself for the next seasonal cycle. During this process, some of us face body aches and other types of pains. These symptoms inform you that your body cells are degenerating. As we prioritize our work, our body also prioritizes amongst the body organs. Yes, it repairs only those organs which are vital to survival. Usually degeneration symptoms are apparently depicted by our Skin and Hair because these parts do not sustain life. Therefore instead of applying lotions/oils externally, you should rather lubricate your body internally.

Yes, the mantra is to follow the seasonal rhythm and synchronize yourself to it. Utilize what is available with nature and keep your body & mind healthy.

You must have heard that in winters we must eat the body building substances like various forms of nuts and seeds. Also include, fresh fruits, whole grains and pulses which are gifted by our mother nature specifically for this season.

Include Anti-oxidants in your daily diet. To keep it very simple, I usually suggest everyone to eat bright- colored seasonal fruits and vegetables (specially berries – rich in anti-oxidants) in your food. This helps your body to absorb and grow properly.

You must also utilize the other food products offered by nature like Garlic, Ginger, Amla, Turmeric, etc. These spices not only add taste to our regular food but also boost our immunity and help keep ourselves warm. So have these Immunity-building foods also.

Do you know that in winters our body has to put in a lot of extra effort to keep our body temperature stable? Therefore, eat Energy-giving foods. We all love dry fruits and winters is the best season to eat apricots, dates, raisins, fruit-figs, prunes......etc...etc....

Last but not the least, do not forget to soak yourself in the Sunlight. Sunshine is very useful.

As I always suggest help your body to maintain the growth process, balance your body temperature, increase immunity and reduce oxidative damage. You can easily do this with the help of food. Do not think that tea, coffee, fried food, sweets, etc. are useful to keep yourself warm. Rather these stimulants consume a lot of energy which actually our body requires!!!! Consequently, it makes us feel colder and also it slow downs the repair & growth process. So consume all colorful fruits, vegetables which are rich in anti-oxidants, bio-flavanoids herbs. Also add spices and nuts which will, for sure, drive away all the winter pains & aches.