• Milk for making Paneer/Cottage Cheese/Chhena: AROUND 2-3 LITRES
  • Milk-:1 or 1 ½ litres
  • Water-:2-3 CUPS
  • Condensed Milk: 2 CANS/TINS
  • Nuts: Assorted or as per your likings.
  • Raisins: A few
  • Optional: Rosewater, green cardamom powder and saffron.


  • Make the chhena or cottage cheese as per the directions already shared with you before (Please check Recipe for Shondesh). You can get the chhena/paneer from the market too.
  • Now boil the water & then add in the sugar. Lower the flame to make the Sheera or sugar syrup.Can add a little elaichi powder or shreds of saffron if you like.
  • Cut small dices of the chhena/paneer. You may even shred or grate the paneer/chhena.
  • Now you can add in the sheera or sugar syrup. Take care that it is hot & let it soak into the paneer/chhena.
  • Boil the milk (1-1 ½ litres) in a heavy bottomed pan, lower the flame. Check to see that the milk does not stick or else the dish will smell burnt.
  • As the milk in the pan thickens add in the condensed milk & keep slowly stirring to avoid stickingat the bottom. Many prefer to add in elaichi powder or saffron now. Even you can. As soon as the mixture thickens take it off flame & leave it aside to cool.
  • When the milk mix has considerably cooled down add slowly to the sugar syrup & paneer/chhena mix, slowly stirring. Do not pour in the chhena/paneer mix into the milk or else it stands a chance to split & curdle.
  • After the entire milk has been used up & the mixture has cooled you can refrigerate it.
  • Take it out before serving. Sprinkle a little gulabjal if you like it. Garnish & decorate with nuts, raisins, silver foil & get ready to get all the compliments for a yummy, delicious Chhanaar Payesh!!

Happy Cooking!! :)