Basil or 'tulsi' as we call it in Hindi, is really beneficial in curing cold , cough, respiratory disorders, common cold, fever and flu. Here's a quick recipe of Tulsi Chai masala...

For making a cup of Tulsi Chai (Basil tea), we require:


  • Milk (200 ml)
  • Water (20 ml)
  • A small ginger flake (adrak)
  • Some good quality of Indian Tea (tea leaves are preferred)
  • Cardamom (elaichi)
  • Sugar to taste
  • Basil leaves (Tulsi)


Take a pan & add water, tea leaves or powder and sugar and put it on the burner. Lower the flame. When the mixture turns a reddish brown, crush the basil leaves and ginger together and add that to the boiling mixture. Next add the milk and cardamoms and increase the flame. Bring it to a boil & take off the flame when it rises to the top of the pan. Strain out the solids.