Gujarati Masala Chai

Gujarati’s are famous for their spiced masala tea. So here is the recipe for the masala shared by one of my gujju friends.


  • *Powdered ginger or saunth- 100 grams
  • * Cloves or laung 25 grams 
  • * Whole black peppercorns or kali mirch-100 grams
  • *Cinnamon or dalchini-60 grams if  broken small, or 40 grams if powdered or ground
  • * Nutmeg or jaiphal-1/2, crushed
  • * Green cardamom or elaichi- 35 grams

Put together all the spices & blend well in an electric grinder.  Store in a dry airtight container to be used because just a pinch or two is needed for your hot cup of chai.

For the Chai

Ingredients (per cup)

* Water-1/2 cup
* Teaspoon sugar-1 1/2
* Tea leaves -  3/4 teaspoon, Assam is best but can use other CTC leaves.
* Chai masala mixture-a pinch or two
* Milk- ½ a cup

To make Gujarati masala chai

Boil water and milk together. Then add the sugar, tea leaves and masala. You can add the sugar later on too. Boil until the mixture becomes dark (about 5-10 minutes). If you want a stronger tea you can boil a little longer. Now strain into cups & enjoy!!