Hey friends!!!
Welcome to Madhu’s Zone.  I am Madhu & I welcome each of you to my zone.  Here we will bond together & share recipes, home remedies, house hold tips & guess what!! Even beauty tips using things available at home!
I am not a high flying Chef. I love cooking. Why?? Because a way to everybody’s heart is not only through your words, behaviour, etc. but also through the stomach & tickling the taste buds of everyone. I also love good food & good food is not always easy to find. So I will share all I know with you all & welcome you all too to share your views & skills.
On this lovely occasion I thought of sharing a dessert recipe with you all. Hey! All you lovely people, do I see a frown there. Come on don’t you worry. It’s a fat free dessert that you can prepare in a jiffy & I am sure everyone will love it. So here we go....



GOLDEN GLOW (Creamy Yogurt with Oranges or Mangoes) 


  • Fat free yogurt.
  • Honey
  • Oranges or mangoes peeled, quartered & sliced & diced crosswise (you can replace with other fruits)
  • Mint leaves
  • Mixed nuts

Note: 6 tbsp of yogurt & 1 ½ tsp honey will be fine for one portion


Stir the yogurt & honey together. In case you do not get fat free yogurt, you can take skimmed milk curd, hang it in a cloth for some time taking care not to drain out the entire liquid & lightly beat it, and then mix in the honey. Place the oranges or the mangoes first. Then carefully spoon in the yogurt honey mix on the fruit. Place a few nuts. Drop a few drops of honey .Tear or shred the mint leaves with your hand & scatter on top & voila!! You are done.

Now just take a spoonful & put it in your mouth. Ummm!! Isn’t that heavenly? Enjoy!