suncareHello Humindians,

One thing that I cannot do without in summers is a handy bottle of a good quality and really effective sunblock. Ever since I learnt about the benefits of using a sunblock over a sunscreen,  I’ve been on a hunt for finding the best sunblock for me that is not just great quality wise but also, the one that comes easy on my pocket. The luck arches the closing ozone. 


Idli Do Pyaaza

Girl Child himachal pradeshWe often criticize governments for their misdoings but seldom do we recognize or even notice the results born out of some of their sincere efforts towards the development of a country or state. Now here's an opportunity to applaud the Himachal Pradesh government for its consistent efforts to save the girl child, that have resulted in the tribal district- Lahaul and Spiti, to emerge as having the highest sex-ratio in India - 1,017 females for every 1,000 males.

pasta thumb final

If you happen to be a lazy and moody cook like me, then sit back, relax and read this quick & easy recipe of of my favorite breakfast and evening snack...that can be prepared in just 15-20 minutes....