summer-sun The scorching summers are well on their way to “influence” our lives - both positively and negatively. Amongst the positives, summers are those precious few months when we really “live” our lives. It’s that time of the year, which helps us loosen up and relax and at the same time, fires up our instincts to compete and achieve. Summers provide an un-fettered opportunity to set up fresh goals or pursue a new hobby. With days much longer than the nights, we can easily finish off the tasks at hand, that too, with a lot of free time to enjoy our lives; to go out for long walks in the evenings, spend time with family and friends, and pack our bags off to an exotic location to make for a superb holiday!!

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However, where there are roses, there are thorns too. It’s sad that for most of us, the Indian Summers are synonymous with a plethora of ‘mild to severe’ health and beauty problems. Sun-burns, tanning, stomach problems, heat-stroke, heavy sweating, fatigue, and so on- there’s an endless list of all that goes wrong with our bodies during this season. 

So, does that mean, we should simply stop going out in the sun? Aren’t there any precautionary measures we can take to avoid becoming the victims of the harmful rays of sun? What about the remedial measures, in case, we get affected by the sun, somehow?

Well, the answers to these questions are easy to know. What’s actually, difficult is to piece together the will and courage to act upon the advices offered within these solutions, with full commitment and dedication. So, gear up and click the links below to know how to fight out the Indian summers?

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