Indian remedies for skin tanThere’s no denying the fact, that almost every man and woman in India wants to look a shade lighter, if not lighter, then most of us, at least desire to have a complexion that "actually" and "originally" belongs to US, not the "one" darkened by the unwelcomed “tan”.  

I am sure most of the readers will agree with the above statement.  

Keeping this view in mind, we at, are now going to present some very simple and easy-to-do home remedies, that shall hopefully, help you get rid of the unwanted tan.

These remedies are, to the best of our knowledge and experiences, tested and verified over thousands of years in Indian households and find their basis in the ancient Indian science, - Ayurveda.

So, if you also want to benefit from these easy-to-do, natural and herbal home remedies to get rid of tan, then read the following:

(Remember, it’s not important to use all these remedies together. You can pick just one of them, and do it consistently for a period of at least 40 days to see the best effects. Pick the one that makes use of the ingredients that are readily available at your home, and suit you the best. )

Tips to remove Sun tan in the most natural and herbal way:

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  • Turmeric-haldi-humindian-Optimized-Optimized-1Add a pinch of turmeric (haldi) to chilled yoghurt and apply to face , neck and arms daily for 30 minutes before having  a bath.
  • potato-juiceThe use of potato juice is an effective home remedy to get rid of tan. Prepare raw potato juice and apply the juice on the affected areas. You may also add 1 tsp of lemon juice to 1 tsp of potato juice. Leave the application for 15 minutes.  Repeat this process daily till you get rid of the tan.
  • lemon Squeeze lemon juice in a cup, add some sugar and a few drops of glycerin to it. Use this to scrub the tanned area. Use you the tip of you fingers in a rhythmic and gentle  motion. This treatment will not only help you get rid of the tan but soften the skin as well. Mix 1/4 cup of lemon juice to 1/2 cup sugar. Use a loofah and scrub.
  • almondsA blend of almond and sandalwood paste is also helps get rid of tans. Sandalwood is known to soothe and lighten the skin.
  • cucumberApply half a grated cucumber with 2tsp of milk powder and a few drops of lemon juice. Keep on till dry and wash off. Milk is a natural oftener whereas cools and lightens your skin instantly.
  • oatmeal-papaya2Mix 2 tsp of oatmeal or broken wheat (dalia)  in ½ cup mashed ripe papaya and 1tsp honey. Apply, scrub in slightly and wash of after 2 minutes.
  • green-coconutIt's a known fact that the coconut water works magic for our skin inside out, but not many know, that the white fleshy part of a green coconut, worked into a paste in a grinder and kept on for 15 minutes on face, has the ability to un-tan your skin in no time!!  


  • Darkened feet: Add lemon juice to lukewarm water and soak feet for 20 minutes. This cools , cleans,  un-tans  and removes sweaty odors. You could also rub a lemon and wash off.
  • For tanned hands, take a handful of coarse sugar( large grains) mixed with lemon juice. Mix them just before use, apply on the hands and keep rubbing till the sugar dissolves and leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Note: Precautionary measures:

Sun tan occurs due to the over-exposure of the skin to the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Tanning is a natural reaction of the skin. When an individual spends a sufficient amount of time in the sun, the skin reacts by producing more melanin. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin burn and skin cancer over a period of time.

Anyways, coming back to the point, not applying the sunscreen or sunblock before setting out in the sun, also almost ensures that your skin succumbs to the sun tan.

So, the biggest precautionary measure you can take to combat sun tan is the Application of Sunscreen/Sun tan and at the same time, covering the exposed parts of your body with physical sun blocks like, a cloth, hat, shades or umbrella.

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