Idli Do Pyaaza


1) 4 Idlis.. (To prepare Idlis, just take 1/2 cup sooji, 1/2 cup dahi, add one tsp salt, 1 tsp ENO or baking powder, mix them well and cook in the microwave for 4 minutes). 

2) 2 vertically sliced onions. 

3) Soya Sauce (Optional)

4) Tomato Sauce

5) 2 tsp Vinegar

6) 2 Capsicums - long sliced


1) Take a deep frying pan (I use kadhaayi)

2) Add 1 Tablespoon Oil

3) Add Raai or black mustard seeds

4) Saute Onions. They should not be overcooked.

5) Add Capsicum- (should be half-cooked)

6) Add the sauces (2 big spoons of tomato sauce, 1 tsp soya sauce

7) Add two tsp vinegar

8 Turn off the gas

9) Add the 4 idlis (cut into small cubes)

10 Mix really well and serve !! :)


This mixture is so tasty and easy to make that if you don't have idlis, you can put in paneer and it'll taste like chilly paneer OR, you can add mushrooms too!! :) 

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