As a kid, I used to wait desperately for 'Karwachauth' because this was the day when my mom would make a beautiful henna tattoo (usually a flower or something abstract) on my tiny palms that would give me happiness beyond measure. Now, years have passed, but the craziness for mehendi tattoo hasn't ended. In fact, it has only increased by the day.

Henna/Mehandi has a lot of significance in India and middle-east. It is like a tradition in India, and it is even believed that the women whose mehendi has left a dark color will get immense love from her husband! While there's another school of thought which believes that the darker your mehendi is, the more love shall be showered upon you by your mother-in-law!!

Well, perhaps this is the reason why women go crazy to darken their mehendi and try all sorts of things to get the darkest possible color.

I have listed a few tips that can be done by anyone to darken their mehendi hands. All the tips mentioned below are very easy and use ingredients easily available at home. Believe me, it's no rocket science and anyone can achieve that!!!

7 Amazing Tips to darken Mehendi on your Palms

  1. First of all, the basics. Just try to get a quality mehndi cone if you're applying mehendi at home. If the mehndi is crappy, all other remedies won't work much.

  2. Apply a tiny amount of cooking oil to your palms before applying mehndi.

  3. After the mehndi dries a little bit, apply a fixative solution to the design which consists of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar. You can apply this solution either by spraying it or dabbing with a cotton ball. Keep applying this mixture every 15 minutes or so. 

  4. In the meanwhile, you can also do a 'long bhaap'. Basically get a pan on a stove and warm it up and put a few cloves in it. Keep your hands a few inches away and let the smoke come upto ur hands.

  5. After at least 2 hours, (the best is 4-6 hours) scrape the mehndi off of your skin with a blunt knife or with your fingernails. Next, rub some mustard oil, baby oil, or Vicks on your hands to remove excess henna and to improve the color of the mehndi.

  6. Don't wash your Mehendi with water at all. Henna stops attaining colour, the minute you wash it with water. In fact, make sure that your hands don't come in touch with water for at least 12 hours. (after of course, scraping off with knife and applying oil)

  7. Design of the Mehendi also plays a big role in determining the final shade. The thicker the mehndi design is, the more there is color.

Image source: mehndipk.com 

Author: Monita Sharma