Age is definitely going to change the color of our hair but what to do when you experience this problem in your twenties or even teenage in some cases? Nobody wants the untimely and unnatural graying of the hair and we all have the right to prevent and reverse the process with whatever means we can.  


Poor diet, deficiency of vital nutrients, pollution, combing of hair when they’re wet, usage of harsh bands and clips, sheer negligence &  lack of hair care, lifestyle issues like stress and smoking, usage of harsh chemicals can all result in hair fall or hair loss in both men and women. Thankfully, we have some remedies to check this problem before your hair reaches the point of no return.  


Pamper your hair with these unique Indian easy-to-do head spas at home that use all natural/herbal ingredients. Head or Hair Spa are must to include in your pre-bridal hair care regime. Spot those lovely locks that are not just healthy but utterly eye-catching too...All this and much more for your hair inside.... 

hot-oil-treatmentDeep conditioning your hair with hot oil therapy is ideally done before the head wash. There are many reasons why we should do the deep conditioning of hair at least once in a week or fortnight. In case you’re getting married in a few months’ time, it’s important that you start deep conditioning your hair regularly, once a week or so, to keep them highly nourished, voluminous and healthy. Women with unmanageable hair would find that conditioning brings their locks under control.


The condition of your hair speaks volumes about your internal equilibrium. Whether you’re taking a balanced diet, suffering from an illness, stressed or happy, all can be easily judged by taking a look at the state of your hair.