Age is definitely going to change the color of our hair but what to do when you experience this problem in your twenties or even teenage in some cases? Nobody wants the premature graying of their precious tresses and we surely, have the right to prevent and reverse the process with whatever means we can.

There can be many reasons that contribute towards untimely graying of hair eg, a faulty diet, deficiency of iron and vitamin B12, stress, hormonal imbalances etc. Although beyond a certain age, we’ll be having no control on this problem but if we take care of our hair now, we can most definitely postpone this stage of life. And yes, if you’ve already got your hair white and are still below 40, then do read this article to learn how to get back the original hair color with this useful home remedy.

Before attempting this remedy, let me tell you that you should give your 

hair at least 3 to 6 months to get back to its original color. Don’t expect miracles, just work hard J And trust me, this age old, tried and tested remedy works wonders!!!

There have been three examples within my family itself. One my Aunt (Chachi ji), who’s now 55 years old; she never had a single white hair till she was about 50. Now she has a few gray strands which she covers with Henna.

The second example is that of my Tayaji who retained the black color of his hair till the age of 60!!! Now let’s come to the secret…They both used amla on their hair in some form or the other. My Chachi did the remedy that I am just going to share with you, while my Tayaji made sure to rinse his hair with the amla water. (Just soak a few dried amla in water, keep it overnight and rinse off your hair in the morning with the leftover water.) My Tayaji did this because his first strands of white hair were spotted when he was just 16 and an old village woman suggested him to try out the remedy.

Now the remedy that my Aunt used, and is now followed by my elder sister who has seen a considerable change in her hair color ever since she started doing it, is a really easy one!! My sister wanted to stay away from hair coloring/dying and am glad that she exercised patience and did this remedy consistently to see some effect.

Talking about myself, I have just 2-3 strands of white hair right now, but even I do this remedy once in a fortnight. The reason being the other awesome benefits of this herbal treatment- smooth, shiny, gorgeous and bouncy hair, and no hair-fall!!


  • 5 table spoons  of amla powder (easily available in Indian grocery stores)
  • 1 tsp Henna powder
  • 1 tsp tea or coffee powder
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • A little amount of water
  • 1 tsp. lemon juice


    • Mix amla powder and henna together using a little amount of water preferably in an iron kadhaayi or bowl.
    • Keep this mixture overnight.
    • In the morning, turn on the gas and boil black tea using aproxx half a cup of water.  
    • Now pour this hot tea water on the henna/amla powder mixture.
    • Let it cool for an hour.
    • Mix lemon juice in the mixture.
    • Now apply this mixture on the affected hair strands. You can also apply it on the entire hair area for conditioning. You can either use the hair application brush or wear a polythene glove and apply it using your hands.
    • Keep it on your hair for two hours.
    • Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Make sure you remove the entire paste from your hair.
    • Rinse with cold water.  

Do this remedy once in a week or at least once in a fortnight. Don’t do any other spa treatments along with this.

Some more tips:

  • Other than this remedy, make sure that you include “amla”- the Indian Gooseberry in your diet as well. You can either take 1 glass of amla juice everyday or eat amla murabba or keep amla candies at hand. 
  • You can also deep condition your hair with amla oil twice in a week (if your hair is dry); once in a week if it's combination and once in a month if it's too oily. ( Read how to deep condition your hair with Oil)
  • Also, if you’re in a hurry, get into the habit of soaking “dried” amlas in water every night and rinse off your hair after every head wash with the leftover water!

Try this remedy for at least 6 months and let us know whether it worked for you!

We’ll be eagerly awaiting your valuable feedback. 


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