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Deep conditioning your hair with hot oil treatment is ideally done before the head wash. There are many reasons why we should do the deep conditioning of hair at least once in a week or fortnight. In case you’re getting married in a few months’ time, it’s important that you start deep conditioning your hair regularly, once a week or so, to keep them highly nourished, voluminous and healthy. Women with unmanageable hair would find that conditioning brings their locks under control. You don't need to purchase a commercial hot oil treatment to deep-condition your hair.  Although markets are flooded with a zillion products, you can experience the same effects using a great home treatment.


What you need to do to deep-condition your hair using hot-oil therapy?


1. Take a small bowl of “coconut oil” or “olive oil” or “Jaitun oil” or “the mixture of all these oils” and put into a saucepan to heat it slightly. You can even place it in the microwave and heat it to your desired temperature.

2. Now work this oil through your hair, massaging your scalp well for about 10 minutes.

3. Take a towel and put into steaming hot water, squeeze it to remove the excess water and then cover your entire hair with it. This will help your hair become bouncy and also, let the oil seep into your hair roots.

4. After about half an hour, just shampoo your hair as usual. You will get all of the benefits of a commercial hot oil treatment without the chemicals, expense or wasteful packaging.


Make sure that the oil is hot enough. As you’ll be applying it to your hair, the oil may begin to get colder so the best thing to do will be to heat the oil slightly more than the temperature you actually need. 

Step 3: How to do Hair Spa at home using all natural/herbal ingredients?


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