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Amavasya 2012 Dates Calendar

There are 12 Amavasya in 2012. Amavasi, or Amavasya  is actually the NO MOON day in Hindu Calendar. It is the darkest day in the Hindu month and also the last day in a month in the traditional Hindu calendars followed in Gujarat and Maharashtra. There are many Indians who observe fast on Amavasya. This day is considered good for doing Pitra poojan (Sharaadh) or any Pitra dosha (in the vedic horoscope) remedies. 

Amavasya days in 2012 based on Indian Standard Time (IST)
January 23, 2012, Monday - Somavati Amavasya
February 21, 2012, Tuesday
March 22, 2012, Thursday
April 21, 2012, Saturday - Shani Amavasya
May 20, 2012, Sunday
June 19, 2012, Tuesday 
July 19, 2012, Thursday 
August 17, 2012, Friday 
September 16, 2012, Sunday 
October 15, 2012 – Somavati Amavasya, Monday - Pitru Paksha Amavasya 
November 13, 2012, Tuesday – Amavasya - Diwali 
December 13, 2012, Thursday – Amavasya

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