Accepting the ‘law of Impermanence’ - How plausible is it?


The difference between being and non being is both so abrupt and so vast that it remains shocking even though it happens to every living thing that is, was, or ever will be. 

~Diana Athill

Change is the law of universe. Change is bound to happen. Anything that’s there in this universe is going through a continuous process of change. The sun, the moon, the seas, the mountains, the deserts, the stars, the galaxies and even the whole universe—all are changing at their own different rates. So, we human beings are no exceptions!! The desert was a sea once and the sea is now a mountain. In times to come, Sun will become a white dwarf, in the process, swallowing us all. Your favorite star is not going to twinkle always. This bright shining star might become a deadly black hole one day. At the subatomic level, the nucleons are losing their existence every millionth of a second……We all are continuously changing, or growing or evolving. That’s the law of impermanence!

The law of impermanence or anicca (in Budhism) is one of nature’s profound truths that can be easily observed in all areas of the perceivable universe. Nothing though, ever fully ceases to exist -- it simply changes form. The universe is the great recycler of all things. The finite reality is that Impermanence only exists from our conscious perspective.

The wise men say, that when faced with any situation, as well as inner reaction to the situation, one must call upon his or her understanding of impermanence, setting it as a background for any experience. In the space where all events are seen as impermanent, the misery causing reactions begin to lose their power, because the basis for any sad reaction is unawareness of this basic law of nature- the law of impermanence. So, is law of impermanence the only “permanent” reality of the universe/life? How plausible is it to apply this law in our day to day lives?