The art and science of vedic astrology is aimed at creating a synthesis between the body and the mind of an individual by using a variety of tools so that the individuals are able to gain a better understanding of the main purpose of their lives. There are many people who feel that this type of study is useless and are quite skeptical, but others who have a vast knowledge of the understanding of vedic astrology emphasize that even our day to day existence is dependent on the movement of the planets in our solar system.

Let's talk about the role of planet 'Sun' in our vedic horoscope. According to sage Parashara, Sun represents our 'aatma'- soul. It also represents our bones and eyes.Although modern science concerning the study of heavenly bodies-astronomy, considers Sun as one of the billions of stars present in our Universe, but according to Vedic Astrology, Sun is a graha (planet) responsible for providing urja (energy) for the existence of life on our planet-earth. According to sage Parashara, Sun represents our 'aatma'- soul.